Wiki: Current Account Switching Incentives 💸

Yes the irony is not lost on me. They’ve not run any credit checks as I can see it instantly using the paid ones with every other lender or bank.

So at least no hard check.

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That’s the same I get, appeal doesn’t do anything.

I have a feeling it’s because I challenged a default date to take it out of the 6 year window; but baffling enough, I’ve had accounts with them since then, circa 2021.

I wonder if I have a dormant one somewhere which prevents it.

Might go to branch the weekend and see what they say.

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Im not allowed a single account with them lol


I think it’s because I’ve burnt 3 in the past year. But by that logic LBG should be burning me at the stake.

I’ve not used any bank for burners I don’t think, usually move one around.

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Do either of the 3 of you follow Nigel Farage on Twitter?

Perhaps that’s why.


I used my old NatWest card to buy a Cameo and some gin. :wink:

Not really, don’t like gin. Asahi is really good though (beer).

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Lol absolutely not.

Maybe if I close some dormant accounts I have it’ll change the view on their part. My credit balances have significantly reduced too, so that could’ve also been a reason.



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You got any other recommendations if I like Asahi? Just that it shackles me to Wetherspoons. There’s a bar I like in Harrogate but they only serve IPAs. So I get Coca Cola, mainly like it due to who I went with :P.

To be fair I only buy Asahi and Corona if I’m drinking, occasionally Guinness, used to be a whisky drinker but £££

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Never tried Corona. Is Guinness any good? My father seems to exclusively drink it

Plus, Spoons tried to kick me out for being unable to walk properly. I was sober. :upside_down_face: - arseholes

Half expecting AlanDoe to merge it into an existing booze thread.

I’ve had multiple in the past between NatWest and RBS usually switching away as soon as they payout.

Amazingly according to ClearScore the last was 2019 so I’ve just applied.

Mine went through to give me “reserved” account and sort codes but is manually being checked.

£200 :crossed_fingers:

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I used to get this, then a rejection :joy:

Ima go in branch and do it.

Edit: actually; think you can only do it online for per the terms.


Me too. I’ve even received the debit card from RBS/NatWest before, followed a few days later by a letter telling me never to darken their doors again. :joy:


Same, I have the cards.

It’s annoying for part.



I’ve just had an email about the account but the developers haven’t worked out that I can’t login and access the mailbox to read it if it’s not active.

Bit of a catch 22

Hopefully I’ll get another email saying it’s all fine and things are being posted.

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Did you save your user ID and account details? As you may be able to get setup on the app and view there.

More positive than mine though.

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If this is NW… you can’t. It will show a basic splash screen saying to wait 24 hours if you’ve opened a new account. I remember my CIS/passcode/word all that crap. Tried it today