Wiki: Current Account Switching Incentives 💸

You can do it through the app in change account type.

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:rotating_light: Last call for Lloyds £175.

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Switch started today, think I should get the money right? Is it as long as the switch has started before 14/11 or as long as it’s completed by then?

What do the terms say?

I don’t remember when I started the Barclays part, but my post about it was 9 days ago and I didn’t schedule anything, so it should have been done by now?

I’ve had zero comms about it from Barclays or Ulster who I’m switching from :man_shrugging:

I feel like I got all the emails a week after it switched.

I got my post about two weeks late just to add it but that’s Royal Mail.

So it was very much a welcome to something that happened weeks ago.

THaNKs BaRcLaYs :upside_down_face:

Yeah, I’m not sure when I last had any post, so maybe I’ll get all the letters from both banks to tell me the switch is coming and the switch is complete!

So it’s not just my local area that Royal Mail is royally screwed up then?

Every day I see a queue round the block from the delivery office of people waiting to pick up their mail because there are no deliveries, people miss appointments and fines, etc.

And the staff are super unhelpful. I asked them (nicely) what to do about a parcel and I was rudely told “I don’t concern myself with deliveries I’m just here to be shouted at”


So, if that’s your job, WHERE’S MY PARCEL :speaking_head:

Oxford has the council publicly shaming them now.

Our town has walk outs every other week so we get post nearly every day and then nothing for three weeks whilst they get replacements. The turnover is nuts

So I caved and asked Barclays what’s going on, (6/10 for that chat, 1/10 for the bot)… They wrote to me on 13th to say Ulster had rejected the switch because the names didn’t match exactly on the accounts.

Now I’ve tried to move Ulster to my other burner TSB account, see if they are as picky, that should complete 29/11, then I’ll try TSB to Barclays before the offer finishes the next day.

If that fails, I’ll just shut all three!

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I got my £175 today, switched on Friday 10th (so 10 days to pay it)


Nooo, don’t close them. Save them for the next offer.

High five👋

£175 paid this morning for me too


I also got 175 quid today. Woohoo


Today must have been offer payment day :wink:

I got a letter today (dated 10/11) to say my switch process started. The letter from they sent (13/11) to say my switch has been rejected hasn’t got here yet.

As it didn’t like Ulster and my name there, but I’d already set up the DDs, I moved Ulster to TSB (this switch is going fine apparently) so now I’ll move the TSB to Barclays.

I’ve done all of the switches over the last 18 months and this is by far the most troublesome!

Can anybody recommend two cheap DDs to set up prior to doing the nationwide switch? Thanks


One pound dd

Bernardo’s or Shelter

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