Credit card switching

Hi. I am considering to switch from my current bank society (santander) to monzo and close off the old account. I have a Santander Master card with a high credit limit (payed off monthly via dd). How can i “switch” or tranfer my credit card card when the bank account is closed? Is there a way i can keep the master card?

If you switch your current account, your credit card will be unaffected.

As far as I know, Santander do not force you to have a current account in order to maintain the credit card.


As above credit cards tend to be separate from current accounts so you’ll be fine. Just double check you don’t have any kind of linked rewards by having both together, highly unlikely though.


There isn’t a ‘switch’ service for credit cards I’m afraid like current accounts.

Do you get any kind of benefits with your current credit card due to you being a current account customer?
Many banks still do this.

Thanks all. Seems like i can cancel my current account and still maintain my credit card. So this makes my decision very easy :slight_smile:

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As far as I am aware, there’s only Nationwide who insist on a current account to be eligible for their credit card.
I could be wrong though.

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They have a no fx fee credit card so if you have a account with them and travel then yeah it’s a benefit.

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