Wiki: Current Account Switching Incentives 💸

Now switched I can say the app is decent and organised (and it doesn’t ask for a stupid pin card reader like Nationwide).

Dare I say it the Santander app is actually way better than Monzo.

The only thing that was :face_with_raised_eyebrow: with the experience was that all four letters (card+pin+account setup codes 1+2) had the same date and were all sent in the same post making that totally pointless. Kinda glad however as I could get started straightaway.

Mine were sent on different days so don’t know what happened to you with that. The Nationwide card reader really doesn’t bother me, especially for most of the actions you can get a text instead.

I’ve never seen anyone say the Santander app is better than Monzo’s. Most people accept it is basic but is easy to use (which I personally really like. I don’t need an over-complicated banking app).

I can’t take any screenshots because Android blocks it but heres some screenshots from Google/Apple. The current app on mine actually looks better than this, I don’t know if old screenshots plus smaller phone.

Its all in just black and red and everything is very uniform and aligned.

When you open up Monzo theres so much wasted space on the feed page, different font sizes, curved corners and dodgy drop shadows. The Monzo Payments section is a mess.

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I do agree with you. They don’t have all of the fancy features, but to be honest, most of those features aren’t needed and for me, an app that works well and is simple to use is a priority.

I agree with your assessment.

It has none of the bells and whistles of an app like Monzo, but is solid and simple. I would like them to at least add notifications, though.

I’ve just opened a second account for the switch offer as an exisitng customer, and a similar thing with letters happened to me.

The card, card PIN and multiple documents relating to switching terms and my new account all arrived in the same post on the same day, but different envelopes!


Maybe they may need to focus on those letters then as that almost certainly shouldn’t be happening :laughing:

I have the 123 Student Account which is very good. Good overdraft, free railcard, and cashback offers (including LNER often which makes train travel even cheaper). Couldn’t have asked for a better student account.

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They used to have an even better student account, as it paid interest on up to £2,000.

They probably still have the best all-round offer, though.


I’m now on a combo of Santander (Income + DDs only), Amex for daily spend.

Monzo there for non-Amex spends which is in reality about £50 a month total.

Also have Starling too which could do Monzos job but I like the segregation on paying people and Spaces for short term saving goals.

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Yes, it did annoy me a bit that they removed that, but it wasn’t that much money in interest so it certainly wasn’t a deal breaker.

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Nothing to stop you opening another account elsewhere to earn interest anyway, so as you say not a dealbreaker.


I’ve opened a Santander for the £130, application was referred and surprisingly given a £350 overdraft for the first time in 7 years.

Upgraded to 123 Lite account and moving debits across slowly for the extra £40 a year cashback after monthly fee.

Going to be using Chase for debit card spending as 1% cashback on majority daily spend for a year plus 5% interest on round ups (eventually).

The Santander app is basic, but practical. I got caught out by their security monitoring for transferring £1k in and back out again, only took a 20 min call and all was resolved, no issues.

Spend/debit notifications for Santander would be the dream just so I know when everything is coming out but having the overdraft allows room for error.

Contact centre teams seem friend enough and easy to deal with, live chat also responsive.


Banco Santander have transaction notifications:

So I wonder how long before the UK gets them.

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The different countries that Santander operates in do seem to be treated quite differently. The apps all appear to be different, different countries have different card designs, and the US has in-app cheque imaging but the UK one doesn’t.


Decided to take advantage of the Nationwide offer and switch to it as an existing member. It’s a relatively dormant account, I use it for my mortgage and house insurance payments, purely because both of those are with nationwide :sweat_smile: keeps everything nice and neat. The extra £125 will be a nice wee bonus. And because I don’t use the account for any regular payments (monzo is my main) then the whole pin pad thing doesn’t really bother me too much now.


Cute bunny :rabbit: :rabbit2:

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I finally managed how to rename and re order my accounts via the web interface of Santander, makes me feel better they’re reorganised :joy:


You can’t do transaction notifications in the U.K., but you can set balance alerts to be delivered via text message through online banking.

I know it’s quite old-school, and not as good, but if you set a minimum balance alert it would be useful to be notified when you go below it.

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I did set the debit transaction alert up so when my bills come out over £50 it’ll tell me, probs switch it off though as doubt its useful or informative


I had an old Halifax account I’d be meaning to close for ages, but never got round to as you had to write instead of being able to do it online. I moved a couple of direct debits to it and switched it to Nationwide to get the bonus. Once thats done I’ll give Lloyds a go (the offer expires on 19th October)

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Can you switch Lloyds to Halifax as they’re part of the same group? To receive the bonus that is.

Not sure if the terms advise if possible?

Update: just checked and yes you can still get the bonus.