Why you should care about keeping your design files clean

Here’s some information about the processes and tools our design team use to keep their work organised.

Give it a read, and download our open source File Cleaner plugin for your own work!


Awesome insight into how a different team overcomes issues at Monzo :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to more posts like this! That tool looks great for keeping everything organised, I use Adobe XD myself, or it’s definitely something I’d use on a daily basis.

How do you find using GitHub for version control of design files? I’m part of a ‘one person’ design team at my current workplace, and it would be great to get a more organised structure in place as we start to branch out.

this makes me far happier than it should :drooling_face:


Hey Adam, that’s great to hear :slight_smile:

We think GitHub is great. Kinda like Sketch, its flexible and powerful enough to suit our needs and to store our files. We tried Abstract and had previously used Invision Sync, but Github has come out on top. In fact, we’ve also built another tool on top of Github that automatically exports and syncs files, its gonna be the next topic we write about and we’ll be open sourcing that too.


That’s great, I look forward to the post! :slightly_smiling_face:

Great article :clap::clap::clap::clap: I started writing a comment, but I ended up going off on one and it’s turned into a full-on blog post about how I follow a similar process myself. :see_no_evil: I’d love to know what you think and if you use any of these plugins as well.

File Cleaner is amazing and if far quicker than my current workflow. However the rules it need to operate successfully are quite strict.

Eg, what if I don’t want a “Master” page? Or what if I want my artboards to be called a name and then a number?
Would you consider adding some setting to allow you to tweak he defaults?

Thanks for the great post - that’s quite a ‘power user’ level of Sketch use! :100::+1:

I’m just beginning to play with Framer X - is that something your team has looked at at all?

In terms of device-agnostic usable prototypes, it seems quite exciting so far…

Doesn’t work really well with desktop artboards… :cry:

This is very cool. It’s great to see Monzo open their in-house design tools. Keep it up. :v:t3:

Hey @zancler — did you ever get around to writing up how you use Github with Sketch? I’d be interested in seeing how you use this. I’ve written a bash script to handle it, but it’s kinda hacky.