Monzo File Cleaner plugin

Hey guys!

This may not be the best place to ask, but I’m not sure where else to go…

I’ve been using Monzo’s fantastic File Cleaner plugin for Sketch, however, since updating to the latest version I’m getting a bunch of new validation errors…missing pages for iOS and Android, and a missing x00 artboard.
This is a little frustrating as the format in the old version was great and there is no info or documentation about possible changes in the latest version.
Is it possible to get a download link to an older version?


One for @zancler I think??

Hey :wave:

We’ve just released a new version to the plugin (v1.2.0) to make it backwards-compatible, so it should work as before.

For a bit of context, we’ve been experimenting with naming our artboards after the platform (iOS/Android) rather than just Master.

You should see the plugin update within Sketch in a few minutes!


Updated and working great, thanks.