Sketch file cleaner - not working!

Hi guys,

I love your Sketch file cleaner plugin, but recently it’s not working for me. It keeps saying artboards are not named correctly (it’s a symbol) and sometimes I can’t even find the artboard it mentions!

Would love it if you can solve this for me :slight_smile:

Hi Lee

Welcome to the community.

You’re probably best off opening an issue on GitHub if you’ve found a bug, the developers that made the plugin are unlikely to see this on the forum as it’s mainly used for banking help.

If you want I can move this thread to the developers section on the forum, someone might see it there.

Hey Kolok,

Yes please if you can move it over to developer section.


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Try removing the forward slashes from the art board name

Aren’t the forward slahes how Sketch creates ‘menus’ when adding a symbol?

Thanks for raising this, we’re seeing it on our side too! We’ll look into a fix and pushing it soon :slight_smile:

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Ah phew, thought it was just me! Look forward to receiving the fix, do you know when that might be?

Also… doesn’t really work with desktop artboards?

I’m hoping it won’t be a tricky one, but we’ll have to carve out time atm. If its not fixed this time next week give me a shout and I’ll make sure we get on it.


Hey @zancler did this get resolved? :slight_smile:

@zancler nudge nudge :slight_smile:

Looks like @zancler is now on the outside looking in with the rest of us (hope things work out OK with you Zander), but maybe he can provide a steer on where things were at the time he last had access

Aww damn, hope it works out for you @zancler

Any other Monzo folk about to help out please?

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