Why the slowdown in the Current Account Roll Out?

Seems to be a noticeable slowdown in the roll out? Any issues or just bank holiday slow down?

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Agreed it seems to be very slow recently?

So slow that I don’t even have my account yet and I signed up as soon as the link came out, I live in London and I am an investor :joy_cat: :eyes:

And yes I will keep going on about it


No issues to report! We’re wrapping up in-person rollouts and working hard to resolve acceptance issues but distance signup will be ramping up over the next few weeks so you should notice the counter number :rocket:


1,774 and counting…

got to be honest it’s taking so long i’m starting to edge away from Monzo and towards the competitor I thought I’d try out while waiting.

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There actually isn’t a regular pace just yet - right now we’re in the space between moving from only doing rollout at events, and a small amount of distance signup, to going all in with distance signup.

As Naji mentioned, there were some acceptance issues that set us back a couple of days, and unfortunately we did miss a target - we were hoping to ramp up considerably over the last 5-7 days to get at least another thousand cards out by end of August and we weren’t able to hit this. There was also a supply error in getting the required number of cards printed in order to hit that target. That also added a couple of days delay.

Still, gotta shoot for the moon eh?

This is actually all good news in the sense that it helps us build fallback procedures for when there are delays. Part of the reason that we’re in Alpha Preview stage right now rather than a full-on rollout!

We expect to, at the very least, double the number by the end of next week and hopefully more than that :grinning:


But… but… then those who have accounts won’t be such special people anymore :disappointed_relieved: :grinning:


I have to say…I do keep looking and comparing.

I guess it’s just an unfortunate part of or excitement and finding things too early… :confused:

Same here thought it would be quicker than this

Yeh definitely feels slower than expected.

Also I got invited yesterday and filled in form immediately; now been told I won’t get TestFlight invite until Monday and then it’ll be a few days from then to get debit card. So probably a week all in, feels a bit like a legacy bank in this regard!

But it is a preview and things go wrong and it’s down to the community to provide feedback to help things rather than moan I guess!

I was told I should get testflight this morning or early afternoon and still not seen anything come through.

Is this another case of incredibly poor communication?

Yes, I spoke to in app chat on prepaid app. They said that a large batch went out this morning and looks like mine would be going out on Monday as the team is planning a ‘massive batch’.

I filled in my acceptance quiz immediately last night as was told within 24 hours, so don’t really understand why it didn’t go out this morning.

I really don’t want to moan, and know I’m going to get some unpleasant replies, but it is things like this that make me wonder if all the wonderful things we love about Monzo will disappear when they hit the kind of user numbers they’re talking about. A lot of the complaints people have about legacy banks (not from a tech perspective but from a customer service perspective) are because legacy banks have such a large customer base and it’s expensive to provide support and admin for operations and current accounts aren’t very profitable items.

I’ve been having a rather large discussion with Michael from Customer Operations about how poor all of the communications has been in the roll out and that my feedback had been taken on board and changes where going to come into place.

But after him telling me that I’d be getting test flight this morning or early afternoon, to now read that it won’t be next week just makes me feel like my feedback wasn’t really listened to or actioned and that the communication on this roll out is just going to carry on being incredibly poor and disappointing.

The live counter also still only shows 1,795 and has hardly moved over the past week, so not really sure where this ‘large batch’ of invites is from this morning.

I imagine it updates once they’ve been activated/cards sent out? Could be quite inaccurate if you go on invites due to people not attending/signing up etc?

@dannn Fair comment - that makes sense

I was told that a lot of investors would be receiving invites very soon to test the long distance sign up process, but would have expected some form of communication if things are going to be delayed.

Bank holiday was certainly a factor. The main reason is that we’re taking on the feedback from the first batch of the second generation cards, working on better acceptance through BIN whitelisting and getting companies to update their sort code database, improving the registeration flow, and a couple of small commonly requested features.

Consider this a bit of a week off to regroup. :sweat_smile: We should be ready to roll out more accounts now.

I should clarify that the number is for opened, activated accounts.


Please clarify. Rolling out to whom? How? I.e. Investors or random? Events or distance sign-up?

Thanks :+1: