Why is Monzo not keeping investors in the loop?

I am just curious as to why the investors in previous crowdfunding rounds hear relatively little news anymore. I am aware covid has taken a hit on Monzo but I would be liked to be in the know on the good and the bad - and just generally on what’s happening inside of Monzo.

The fact that the announcement of Monzo plus was not known by investors before hand is one example.

Do investors get regular updates and emails like before, will this return?

Why would we? Kind of ruins the marketing strategy if you tell people in advance


In this particular example maybe you are right, however - what I would really like to see as an investor is in two/three months time I would like to see the data from introducing Monzo plus and seeing if it’s succeeded or not…

For example how many customers sign up over the next 3 months as opposed to how many customers were expected/forecasted to sign up to Monzo plus over this period…

That’ll be in the annual report next year

Why do you want that information? Unless you are a major institutional investor then it’s not like you have any say in how the company is run or have an option to see your shares


A launch of new product is material information that one is not allowed to trade on. Image if apple told shareholders ahead of time what the headline prices and specs are of new iphones?! So yeah, shareholders do not get privileged access to sensitive commercial secrets.

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I suspect the answer to this is the same one as applies to many other Monzo questions at the moment. It costs time and money to do and it isn’t a requirement anywhere so it doesn’t happen.

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