Why are current investors and customers not offered shares in the new funding round?

The proposed down round has already been discussed on this forum so I won’t dwell on it. However, I’m disappointed that Monzo isn’t considering raising from existing crowdfunding investors and customers. The last round in was heavily subscribed, raising ~20m, over a few days. I’m sure most will still believe in Monzo’s potential and would be willing to invest again, especially if it’s at a discount. I know I would be…

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They might be. It’s in the android strings. But they might not

Time will tell

My experience of life has led me to the conclusion that it’s very easy to see it as one disappointment after another. The trick (for me) is to simply shrug my shoulders and move on.


The round is expected to close next month and cash is offered by Accel, Y Combinator Continuity and Goodwater Capital and Passion Capital. I don’t think there will be an offer to crowdfunding investors/customers.

Not as part of that round but possibly after

With staff furloughed the last couple of months I don’t think organising crowdfunding is or should be a priority at this stage


That’s a fair argument. Still a shame to take a 40% hit on the valuation. Even if it’s short term.

I would be more than willing to invest further into Monzo and I am sure they could raise well over £40 mil from its current investors and more than £80 mil if all customers were allowed to invest in Monzo even if the valuation of Monzo was higher than the previous valuation so why are the board and Tom B accepting a 40% reduction in valuation from previous VC’s and not allowing crowdfunding investors to participate in this funding round? Sounds like a deal to allow previous VC’s to make a lot of money when Monzo does IPO in 3/4 years but crowdcube investors will miss out.

Hi Amrik - ok one more -

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