Why is it so difficult to close accounts?

I have slimmed down the number of accounts I have but it led me to realise how hard it is to close accounts. For Monzo, all you need to do is press the option in the app, however, it doesn’t seem to be this easy for the other banks I have used.

Virgin Money requires you to phone, which can take a stupid amount of time, or go into a branch, which can be difficult for some people.

NatWest does have a form on their website, however, I can’t fill it out because it wants me to put in details of another NatWest account to transfer my closing balance to, despite having no money left into the account.

Why is it that the current account switch service appears to be the easiest way to close many bank accounts?

Also, in connection to this, is it possible to use the CASS to switch two different bank accounts to Monzo (switch my Virgin Money account to my Monzo account, and then switch my NatWest account to the same Monzo Account)?

Yes, you can CASS more than one old account to your Monzo account.


Would I have to wait for one swith is complete to start the other one?

Last time i wanted to close accounts for banks, I just went old school and posted letters. Sat back relaxed and waited for letters back confirming had taken place.

Was straight forward enough at least just dropping into post box and then letting that process happen.


To be fair, I wouldn’t exactly say it was “difficult” but when compared to Monzo, it is a lot more difficult
to close accounts for other banks. Even an online form would be easier than what exists at many banks (as long as that form actually works).

Yes, you can only have a single CASS switch in progress at a time, but you can start a second as soon as the first finishes

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