Why are upcoming payments not present via the APIs /transactions endpoint?

The Monzo app shows any upcoming direct debit payments; As does Starling’s.

The difference, however, with Starling, is that these transactions also show up in their API. Why is this not the case for Monzo, or am I missing a parameter that can ensure these objects are returned?

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Does anybody know if there’s a way to get an official reply on a post?

I find it odd that this hasn’t been implemented; It’s undoubtedly a simple thing for them to do, considering they show upcoming payments in the app already. They could give the transactions a status of “Upcoming” in the same way that Starling does.

I’d like to know the official line as to why they aren’t doing this.

There is no way. If a member of the development team sees this post, you might get lucky, but that’s it.

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That’s no good. Thank you though, @Revels, I appreciate you replying to the thread to let me know.

I have had success using the support in the Monzo app when I have had a couple of queries about the api. They acted as a conduit for the query with the Monzo developers.

I would take this approach sparingly though.

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Totally curious and I’ve never toyed with API stuff.

Does Starling show it by Bacs upcoming or based on historic direct debits to show upcoming?

As that could essentially be two strings of information handling two completely different things.

Only way to test that theory would be a brand new direct debit to starling to see if it loaded the first payment date when the app showed it due.

Opposed to Starling reading historic data and projecting that forward into what you see in your API?

Again, clueless, but very curious.