Xero bank feed

(Dawn James) #1

Hi there, I was wondering whether you were planning on developing a bank feed for import into applications such as Xero? It would be very useful to me and many others I’m sure. Thanks!

(Josh Bray) #2

The API is available now for devs to use. Let monzo focus on their own products first though

(Peter ) #3

Hey @Dawngerpony - this link might be of some help to you: https://monzo.com/docs/

(Dawn James) #4

Thanks folks. I guess I will talk to the Xero team about building an integration, it seems like Monzo has done enough on their side already by providing an API. If Xero can’t do it quickly then I’ll write one myself :grinning:

(Josh Bray) #5

Yeah go for it. It would be really interesting to see what you come up with


Xero being used mainly for business use rather than personal has been integrated with Tide (a business banking equivalent to Monzo)