Which loyalty cards do you have added to Apple Wallet?

Same with me I don’t get the option to download the pass when I log into my BCS account

It’s pretty useless to be honest. It’s got my internet banking ID and in the past it included offers, but they seem to be gone now?

They stopped sending out the yearly card and switched to the wallet version a few years back…
Should have got an email with the subject " Welcome to another year with BCS - your digital membership pack is enclosed" and click through to their website… I’ve not been able to find a direct link to the https://bcs.digitalmembership.co.uk/ website which works


Thanks, I went back into my emails and found it.

It’s an email with the subject header saying your digital membership pack is enclosed.


How does that Credit Suisse card look like? Wasn’t aware they did like debit or credit cards

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They do just not in the UK

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How though.

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Can I don’t close any tabs until I need to actually close them.

It’s creeping up again :eyes:


My record was 280 or so but I have the need to clean them before it gets to 300

How do you get the Heathrow card added to Wallet? It’s not on the website and the Add to Wallet button in the email doesn’t work…

Not sure now… I’ve had mine added for ~5 years.

Same as Starbucks pass, it’s no longer possible to add it :frowning:

I’ve got a feeling you can do it in the app but can’t 100% remember sorry

This is the loyalty cards on my Apple Wallet. Have got my bank cards linked up on there too to use when I’m too lazy to get my physical card out :see_no_evil:

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Heres my supermarket cards

the default ones were too ugly for me so i greyed them out, looks clean imo

Quick look at Apple Orders

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