Which Banks Provide Visa Debit Cards?

Which banks, either Fintech or legacy, provide Visa cards for their regular current accounts? Regulated banks only.

Obviously Monzo is Mastercard, and I have Amex, but I would like to hold an account with a Visa card on the off chance there is ever a problem with the MC network (or Monzo itself for that matter) and I want to make a debit card transaction.

Thanks guys!

Barclays are Visa for both credit and debit


NatWest is Visa

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So is RBS

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Santander Everyday accounts appear to as that’s what I’ve been sent.

My 123 Lite though was Mastercard.

Go figure :thinking:

Oh my HSBC is Visa too

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Dozens issue Visa debit cards


Lloyds is VISA.

Your logic is the reason I keep it really.


Lots, if not all of the high street banks will give you a visa


Nationwide is Visa.

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My Santander is coming through Visa; I’m a new customer, but apparently if I report it lost I magically get a Mastercard? Not sure why they just don’t give Mastercard out right away unless it’s to reduce their losses and use the cards they already have.

They have switched/are in the process of switching to Mastercard. My replacement card was a Mastercard which comes with more card controls in the app.


Yeah I had a read up, they need to get their spend notifications active and speed up the app login process, the rest is pretty much straight forward.

I’m not that bothered that Santander doesn’t have all the modern features, mostly because everything they have works well and I’ve never had any issues with them.

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Not for much longer…

(Applies to the whole NatWest Group)


I was about to post this, but @Lonford got there first!

Banks which were Visa, but are in the process of switching to Mastercard, include:

  • Santander
  • First Direct
  • NatWest, RBS, Ulster Bank (and the rest of the group)

TSB was also reportedly going to switch but cancelled their plans after their IT fiasco. So maybe don’t pick them in case they revisit their plans (although that’s not seeming likely).

HSBC might also switch, medium term, as First Direct has switched already so that may have been a kind of test run. They also generally tend to issue Mastercard Debit in other areas of the world.

Banks which are currently Visa Debit with no plans to change include:

  • Lloyds (whole group, including Halifax & Bank of Scotland)
  • Barclays
  • Co-operative Bank & Smile
  • Nationwide
  • Wise
  • Dozens

Banks which issue Visa Credit cards include:

  • Barclays
  • Co-operative & Smile
  • Nationwide
  • Jaja
  • Tymit
  • Vanquis

PS: Some HSBC credit cards are also Visa, but others are Mastercard.