Which areas of Monzo would you like to hear from?

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Thought I’d throw out a post to test the waters in regards to areas of the business the Community would like to find out more about?

Would you like to hear more about how we schedule all our amazing COps? How our disputes team work to get the best results for our customers? Or do you wanna know how our People team make sure that Monzonauts are looked after?


I’d be interested to hear more about customer service strategies and experiments.

Personally I’ve always wanted more emphasis on voice-based customer support from Monzo. But clearly Monzo have gone done the strategic route of pushing/emphasizing chat-based support. I can guess at why, but I’d be interested in reading an account from Monzo on this topic.

Am also interested to know how the experiment to hide the contact us button for some customers has gone (presumably an experiment to get customers to engage more with help articles).


Out of those options. The people (assuming this includes the vulnerable customers team) team. We’re long overdue promised updates regarding accessibility and vulnerable users, so it would be nice for some updates in that department on how Monzo have improved since the last blog post over a year ago, and how they plan to do better going forward. What were the results of the audit?


Would this not have been better as a poll?

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@Peter_G Is the poll master for hopefully the results.

I was look for more of an idea without restricting what our lovely Community can suggest.

For instance, I could’ve offered insights from scheduling and People but someone really wants to know how our Complaints team keep our customers happy.


I’d like to hear from the business and what analytics are used in the app. Recently I discovered quite a few businesses are essentially screen recording through certain frameworks and analytics tools available to developers (It’s different for IOS, They essentially mock up each frame of the screen as a wireframe as Apple forbids screen recordings) So I’d be keen to know exactly what analytics services my Monzo account is connected to.

Not sure what part of the business that would be though…


I’d like to find out more about the FinCrime team. How they’re improving the closing accounts issues, what changes they’ve had to make because of the regulatory review, and what they’re doing to protect Monzo customers from financial crime.


Like @Neil0 I would be interested in things like strategy and product roadmap etc.

Also, more on a/b testing and how successful Monzo think removing the chat button for most users has been - and what Monzo’s reasoning is for not allowing some users to be able to even leave a non-urgent message overnight.

Oh, and an update on the possibility of cheque imaging and using Post Offices rather than Paypoint.


This is a big one for me also, we used to get updates monthly which then dropped down to quarterly and then dropped down to yearly. Be good if we could get high level updates.

For example i have the following questions that i have no clue on:

  • Is america still actively being worked on?
  • How are business accounts now faring?
  • Is there still a waitlist for both?
  • What will plus/premium look like in 6 months time?

What has been, can be and will be done to aid the loading on the lovely COps including tooling, chat system, chat bots, working patterns and the like, especially now all are working from home as compared to a subset

And any updates on tooling for merchant data corrections would be nice


Honestly, I’d love to hear more about the future and Road Map of Plus/Premium. Now both are out there, and the former has had a few months in market now, I’d like to hear about any future builds.

The Launch Thread and subsequent feedback threads had so many ideas about making it more functional - so would love an interim update on that, plus a bit of a product performance update too.

Outside of that, things that interest me would be the stuff worked on the the free time people have (was it dubbed Monzo Time or something?), and generally a “People / Culture” update - what’s happening to make Monzo a good place to work.


@BritishLibrary these sound really interesting!

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I think there’s enough time to cover a wide range of topics.

Top of the list would be specialist teams in banking that we wouldn’t hear about elsewhere.

Then as being techy i’d also love about anything tech, but as quite alot of tech companies have engineering blogs it isn’t as high on my list.

Merchant correction could be interesting


The future Road Maps of Plus, Premium AND Free versions of Monzo.


I think the roadmap for the free version is potentially a cul-de-sac :man_shrugging:

Would love to be proven wrong.


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I’d like to hear from the core app team. How big is it, what are they working on (or is it just payments). What’s next?

I agree on strategy. I’d like to hear the new team’s vision. Where will Monzo be in 2030?


Agreed with this one. Monzo is limited by law about what they can say about this particular topic but I hope they can at least release aggregated statistics about the reasons behind why accounts are closed and the amounts of false positives, which should hopefully put the idea of “Monzo closing accounts unfairly” to rest once and for all.

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Feels like we need a poll :bar_chart:

What do you want to hear about?

  • Customer service strategies and experiments
  • The chat button: what’s the data and what’s the plan?
  • Accessibility and vulnerable customers
  • Complaints team
  • Analytics
  • Financial crime
  • Business strategy
  • Monzo’s vision for 2030
  • Product roadmap (free customer account)
  • Product roadmap (paid for consumer accounts)
  • Business banking - what’s the plan?
  • US (and other international) update
  • Cash and cheque handling (Inc Post Office and cheque imaging)
  • Support automation / tooling
  • Merchant data collection - what’s the plan?
  • Monzo Time case studies
  • People and culture update
  • Geeky, specialist stuff (platform, scaling, cards, payment schemes…)
  • Core app - what’s the plan?
  • Something else (please explain below!)

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