Which areas of Monzo would you like to hear from?

2030: Monzo introduces a voluntary polling block… kidding, nice overview :slight_smile:
Was not that easy to stick to just five topics. Really interested to hear from the top ranking topics!

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Like to hear how Monzo deals with disputes claims.

Monzo discuss disputes and show a complex map of steps they need to go through in their latest blog post.

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I ran out of votes before I got to the geeky option :upside_down_face:

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Really great responses so far :pray:

I’ve not wanted to jump in and try to direct any votes to any specific direction. Going to look to close the voting on Sunday and then I’ll be working on making these suggestions into a reality.

Thanks as always :+1:


It’s the last day Community - votes in before the close at 5pm :eyes:


I have only just got my votes in, i like the responses so far :slightly_smiling_face:

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@alandoe if this initiative results in blog posts could you please ask someone to fix/recreate the rss feed for the Monzo blog?

I used to read the blog whenever a new post was published. But more or less stopped when the RSS feed stopped working.


Would be nice to be able to subscribe to the Blog by email as well. A curious omission I always thought, given that normally it is a case in parts other of trying to escape newsletters!


Not sure I count as either of them! My knee hurts just thinking about anything more modern

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