When tech is "misused"

Saw this today and thought where are you actually safe from tech…

Imagine finding out thousands of people have been watching your taxi ride home !

That’s mad!

Very interesting thread…

One of Uber’s selling points is that it’s safer than traditional taxis. Knowing who’s picking you up and in what car. You even get the route come up on your phone so you know they haven’t gone on a detour.

I’ve heard of Uber drivers submitting photos of sick in their cabs (not real photos though) just to get extra money from the rider :-1:t3:

There’s always a way to misuse everything unfortunately. People will always find a way.


Wow didn’t know that, Uber seem to be a recent boom that’s almost ‘imploding’ from its own success with so many bad reports…

I feel their attitude towards things is their biggest threat at times.

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It’s such a challenge because so many black cab drivers are horrible and so are so many Uber drivers. It’s impossible for me to like either one. The industry is full of creeps, reckless drivers and worse.

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Uber seem to be blaming the driver rather than explcitly stating how they will address these situations as a company, which is sad and falls short of their promise to deliver a ‘better’ service

It’s bad but not really unexpected. There was a similar story called “Plane bae” where an idiot was listening into a stranger’s conversation and posting it live on Twitter to make themselves some pointless internet points.

I think with all this social networking crap we might just have to accept that any expectation of reasonable privacy in public is gone and anything you say can go around the world in a matter of milliseconds if it could earn someone internet points in the form of followers or similar BS.

Is there an opt out? :frowning:


That’s the problem. You can choose not to be on BS social networks but currently nothing prevents someone else from putting you on there. If anything, not being on the network yourself makes it harder for you to notice it even happened.

Unless this kind of stuff would be regulated by law (with harsh penalties) I’m not sure there is any way to opt-out, and even then, laws would only work if the person responsible for it can be caught. There’s also the issue of “where do we draw the line?”. It would be hard to make a law that allows “legitimate” gossip but disallows this kind of stuff.

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