When Pre-Authorisation is not Pre-Authorisation

Any bank would have the same problem - your available balance would be £415 below what you thought it was and you’d be unable to spend the money. They might not tell you why… but they wouldn’t let you spend it. Hence the advice to use credit cards - these are not normally your primary source of cash so even if they run out due to things like this you’re not completely stuck.

Monzo makes it more front and centre that’s all. With the advantage you can clear the preauth yourself within the app (which most other banks will not do).

The hotel is at fault - they should have finalised the bill as part of the original preauthorisation so it would have been correct.


Yes, there is that which is very useful. I’ve only ever used it once for a £1 card check fee that didn’t drop off after seven days. I wonder if there is a limit to the amount they let you clear for a pre-auth? I can’t imagine they would be too comfortable with people doing this for large amounts that could then result in customers spending more than they have in their accounts and risking overdraft or other charges.

Clearing pre-auth yourself hasn’t worked whenever I’ve needed to use it. I’ve always had a “wait 30 days” button, so I’ve always reverted to sending a message to in-app chat. Just did that now, but wait time is approximately a day, so :woman_shrugging:

I’m not sure… I assume there’s some kind of AI involved. I’ve never had any trouble clearing the £12 ecotricity preauths (which they’ll put on even if the charge is £0).

For small numbers well within your balance there’s no reason they wouldn’t I guess.

I now have a response from the hotel.

“For some reason your Monzo card shows in our system as a Credit Card which is why the Pre-authorisation did not drop off.”


Ahhh the whole Mastercard vs Debit Mastercard debacle.


I’ll wager that’s because the hotel haven’t updated their systems, or because they’re not actively finalising (cancelling) the pre–auth. In short, it’s still their fault.

“The lazy way we do transactions has produced an odd result. We’ll tell you about the odd result and simply continue with the lazy way we transact” is effectively what they’ve passed on to you in this instance.


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