When is the new monzo plus going to be available?

So when will monzo plus (2) actually be available?


It is v3, and I think they said don’t expect it before April.

Bloody norah

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Are you frustrated about it? You don’t know what the product even is.

Nah not really, quite happy with my account now. Just find it hilarious how deep people go into things about it

Riiiight. But, presumably you want Monzo to actually create something for you to buy?

I want them to take their time. It is going to be me investing in it after all. I’m really excited to see what they launch and how they do it too!

It begins…


Never maybe?

Launch is expected from Q1 or Q2 of 2020
Hope this helps

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What will be a able in Monzo Plus and when would it be available.

Monzo employees can’t comment on this right now… All we can say is: there are exciting news to come :wink:


Hello :wave: Rikki

Monzo Plus will be available in Q1 - Q2
Which is very soon, keep your eyes peeled! :eyes: :heart_eyes:

I hope it lives up to all the hype :crossed_fingers: :star_struck:

That’s what everyone said the first 2 times.

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Yeah i know, it sucks not getting exact details, everyone is so excited expecially those who had the previous iteration, but unfortunately Monzo are keeping their lips sealed until its all ready to go!

I am really excited :slight_smile:

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I’m Confused…

Here you say

Which to me implies you’re a Monzo employee confirming something is going happen and yet here

You say Monzo are keeping their lips sealed until
It’s ready to go.

Do you actually work for Monzo? If you do your second comment is very confusing and if you don’t I’m unsure why you frequently say Monzo are going to do things which you clearly have no knowledge of.

My intention is not to start some kind of flame war but as someone new to the community I feel you should be very clear about how you know the things you know or if it’s just a lot of hope and guess work.

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As you can see from my bio and my previous comments and posts. It’s very clear I don’t work for Monzo.

The information I post is factually backed up by information I have gained from employees and posts in the forum by employees to!

I hope that helps clear things up for you @TrentRockwell


Further to my original post. You mentioned I didn’t have any knowledge about plus. Monzo have already announced its launching in Q1-Q2. So that is something we all have knowledge of if you saw the OG post.

To help you out in the future to keep you safe on the Internet. Staff in the community have the Monzo Badge and “- Monzo” next to their names in faded grey. Stay safe online

Oh, apologies for the multiple edits. I also wanted to clear up I’m not actually a :t_rex: Dinosaur just in case that causes any degree of confusion


What dinosaur :sauropod: :t_rex: would you be tho if you happened to be one :rofl:


Hey @Daveyy86
I would have to be a Spinosaurus, just for the fresh looking back :joy:

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