When is it safe to cancel a Direct Debit?

I ended my contract with Vodafone last month
and I don’t owe them anything (I’ve had my final bill + refund). Is it safe to cancel the DD in the Monzo app?

I’ve heard of horror stories on the Vodafone forum of people getting reported to the credit reference agencies up to 6 months after their contract ended.

I’m in the same situation with O2.

But I had a notification from credit Karma yesterday that O2 had marked it as closed so I think it’s safe now :eyes:

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How long did it take after ending your contract?

They took the last payment in the middle of last month. I’ll probably give it til the end of this one, just in case, and then delete it

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3 only closed my account a few months after the final bill, but as the horror stories that come up I don’t cancel the DD it’s not worth it at least until they’ve marked it shut on the CRA at least.

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Interesting thread, :thinking: as I have never given the CRAs a thought when cancelling my DDs with companies to ensure they don’t keep taking money from my account!

Luckily though, never been bitten by that approach . . . . . . . yet!!

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I cancel them as soon as final bill payed, for the very reason of them not taking extra money then having to wait 2 plus months to get it refunded.

I am sure there is something that you can request the company to do to remove anything that have added due to be their issue? I

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You’re already protected by the direct debit guarantee so there’s little benefit to cancelling it yourself. Cancelling just increases the risk that you might miss a payment you hadn’t realised was due and you’ll get a mark on your credit record.

You shouldn’t have to wait 2 months for a refund as the direct debit guarantee says you should get an immediate refund.


I always wait a couple of months just to be on the safe side :neutral_face:

When you know there will definitely be no charge. I hadn’t used a CC in ages so cancelled the DD after switching the bank account I used to pay with to Monzo.

I always cancel them instantly. I was caught out once by a power company taking a payment the day after my transfer completed. Never again. (The Direct debit guarantee covered it)

I don’t give a stuff about the CRAs, I’ve never given them a thought and it’s never mattered.

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