What's your New Favourite Thing?


I know what I’m trying for tea tomorrow !!!

(Jack) #22

:hushed: the more you know…

(Ben) #23

I remember #Gary when it came out. Up there with the Tiger / Giraffe bread letter from Sainsbury too.

(Ben) #24

Also, if “enjoyable gifs” count. (sorry). I’ve just re-discovered this one, from a Japanese gameshow where contestants have to find the hidden chocolate:

(Jack) #25

They have such an interesting range of shows over there!

(P Burrows) #26

Love this cheese! Life changing stuff!

(Liam) #27

Yup, Violife is a gem among turds in the vegan cheese world.

(Simon B) #28

My fridge stays fully loaded!

This one is the halloumi equivalent - you can grill it and the structure doesn’t fall apart, but gets lovely and gooey on the inside.


Feeling a bit guilty that I turned favourite things into fav fake cheese thread, but cheese is goooooooddd…


I just tried one of these… I love chocolate, beer and coffee; so I absolutely love it!

(Matt) #31

That brand of cheese alternative is so good! (not a vegan but am allergic to dairy!)

(Simmy) #32

(Stuart) #33

I’ve just had one of these in their bar in Aberdeen, cheers :beers:

(Jack) #34

Although I’m not vegan or vegetarian I still enjoy trying new things so here we go :slight_smile:

(Simmy) #35

Where did you find that ? Mine was from Asda

(Jack) #36

Asda also. Called in after picking up some new hot coral swimming trunks for holiday :sunglasses:

(Andy) #37

I was just looking at some hot coral shorts for holidays as well :rofl:

(Liam) #38

I just wish they’d call it something more appealing than “Orignal Flavour Block”.