What's your favourite thing about your Monzo card?

Question time! :rotating_light:

I’'m curious: what’s your favourite thing about having a Mozo card/account? Which features are you always showing off to your friends and family?

Instant payment notifications? Friend-to-friend transfers? The hot coral prettiness?

Let us know below!

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Install notifications when overseas. Every time I buy something overseas my other half always asks, “What’s that in pounds?”.

Without Monzo I have to resort to either a guess, a quick mental calculation, or a Google search. With Monzo, I just say what I see.


I like the speed and ease of using the app. I’d like to see more options for hiding things within the UI but overall its very quick and functional

I don’t have a Mozo account :eyes:

As much as I’d like to show people the app I won’t as my balance is always on display, I like many others have asked for this to be blurred out or turned off etc so until then I won’t.

I am used to instant notifications (albeit via text) from my Emirates NBD account but it’s better in app

Making use of monzo.me more which is good

The card is the card, no one has commented on it whilst I have been out tbh.

I just like the app in general


Instant notifications and the automatic spending breakdown. :+1:

I like the instant (pretty) notifications, and my sister has used monzo.me twice to send me some money.

I like being able to get £200 cash fee-free and with a good exchange rate when overseas, without the risk of putting my main debit card in a potentially dodgy ATM

Instant notifications. Bought something on Sunday and they said the payment hadn’t gone through and asked me to pay again. I showed them it had and refused. They double checked and then apologised.


The ability to pay on contactless and not have to wait 3+ days for it to come off your balance.

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Instant notifications on my Apple Watch.

“Would you like a receipt” No thanks, my watch tells me I’ve paid you :slight_smile:
Ability to send my sister money in another city via :monzo: just so she can go out for a pizza.


Nothing beats the looks of the coral card. Wherever you go people are asking questions and you immediately turn into a salesperson explaining WHY they have to join! :smiley:

I love budgeting. I’ve gone into a very strict budgeting period because of some future plans and it’s great to be keeping track of it, whenever I spend, being told to slow it down.


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