What's your Credit Karma score?

I was 647 for about a year but for some reason last month it crashed down to 625 last month. I think cos I accidentally put a forex through a credit card.

About 10% utilisation of credit cards and no other debt or phone contracts so not sure what else it could be…

Give it a month as ‘recovery time’ to see if it increases again, without using a CC in the same manner?

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Of course. But this thread is more to get an idea of “typical” scores…

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652 here

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My credit karma is a 574, branded as fair.

But my clearscore/equifax is a 509, branded as excellent.


(both of them picking up all of my accounts and details correctly btw)

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Are the ranges different in the UK versus the US?

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Ours is only out of 710 for credit karma/transunion so yeah looks like it. What’s yours out of?

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Mine is considered “good”. Tops off at 850

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Those are completely different scales. 620ish I think is median for Credit Karma.

Ah okay.

So if people are going to post please say it it’s a UK or overseas score :slight_smile:

And among the many countries that make up “overseas” there are differences too.

Fairly minor one: Canadian scores top out at 900 compared to 850 in the US.

That’s precisely the point I was making :slight_smile:
How many other countries does Credit Karma operate in?

You don’t happen to write the anti Brexit scare stories do you? :joy::joy::joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I wouldnt worry about a drop from 647 to 625 and it isn’t a “crash”. It is fairly normal for the score to fluctuate but you are doing right by keeping an eye on it just in case.

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Oh I know. That’s why I put in the ‘fair’ and ‘excellent’ to show that I’m being graded completely differently still.

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644/710 at the moment. I don’t think the exact score matters, just that it’s in the right area.

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Of course the usual warnings should come with any topic like this :slight_smile:

In the UK banks don’t see your so-called “credit score” when they query a credit reference agency, they just see your credit history details and decide on their own internal score based on their current appetite as a lender. You can compare that to the US where the FICO score is much more universal and used by banks and therefore more important.

So while a credit score from any of the UK credit reference agencies might be interesting to see (and see how it changes), it isn’t something lenders see and can be very different from one agency to another. Not all banks report to all agencies, and not all lenders query all agencies which leads to very different outcomes when you apply for credit with one organisation compared to another.


Well seeing as I was solidly at 647 for over a year and now it’s 625. I think it went from excellent to average and it’s a much bigger shift than I’ve ever seen.

But you’re right, it’s not anywhere near as big a crash as what’s happened to sterling or our economy from Brexit.

I’m mainly concerned I will no longer qualify for various credit cards I want to get.

The credit score always fluctuates (regardless of the data on the report) to keep you hooked and make sure you check back every month, so you can get exposed to their “offers” which is how they make their money.

Simply not true. Like I said mine was steady for well over a year and I know several people who have never had theirs change.

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Mine is about 614 the last time I checked. It’s usually pretty stable around there.

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