Link 16-25 Railcard to get 1/3 discount on London Tube

(Tristan Gillen) #1

Work with TFL to enable the 16-25 railcard to be used on the Monzo card. Currently you can link it to Oyster cards to get 1/3 off your tube fares, but no bank currently allows you to link to their contactless.

This would be a great addition, meaning I won’t need to carry around and top up my Oyster card all the time to get the 1/3 discount :slight_smile:

(Rika Raybould) #2

I have the same Railcard and totally agree that TfL need to get on this. :thumbsup:

Not sure if Monzo have any weight in this though, it’s entirely within TfL’s fare system and control. :disappointed:

(Jack Groves) #3

Richard - has TFL moved on at all with this or is it at the same stage as earlier in the year? Would be an awesome feature if this were possible!



Be great if you could get network South east of too for us over 25 :wink:

(Tom) #5

Yeah adding a network rail card would be great

(Shaun McDonald) #6

This will be done completely within the TfL Oyster/Contactless portal. First TfL are moving the Oyster over the Contactless charging system, so that some oddities where contactless can be cheaper than oyster for some journeys, due to the full week’s journeys and all combinations of tickets being taken account of. Part of that process has been releasing the new mobile app and allowing more flexible topups. suggests the full merging of the back office functions of Oyster and Contactless will happen in 2018. This will allow new things like an unlimited bus hopper fare for an hour. explains one of the common ways where contactless is cheaper, though that’ll change soon. Diamone Geezer has done a good summary of which kinds of journeys are cheaper:

It would be interesting if they could manage to cater for other more complex railcards too such as the two together and family railcard, by agreeing for your accounts to be linked together, and getting cheaper travel on the journeys where you have travelled together.

(Maxim Harper) #7

Do we know if there’s been any news in this area since the last post (in 2017?)

It seems like information about this kinda stuff is rather dispersed and not too transparent – oh when TfL will you adopt a transparent timeline and clear blog like Monzo? :heart_eyes: