What's the next Monzo?

I’m sick to death of the shockingly bad customer service. Even my high street bank account has caught up with Monzo. There is no longer an edge with Monzo. This is just another BS mainstream bank now. What’s the next move?


Can you give some details about what happened, some support teams are better than others, depends on your issue.


Chase are the latest licensed bank that’s all digital with a solid offer that may be worth looking at.

Gets a bit of fair criticism on here due to technical issues. But we’re a forum full of banking nerds who are likely to notice and be affected by these things more than most. Beyond these forums, they’re rated quite highly by customers, scoring higher than Monzo in Money Saving Expert polls.

Starling are also Monzo’s primary competitor and could be worth looking at too.

Kroo are a brand new bank that you can check out too, but are still in their infancy and have a wait list.

Between the three, I’d recommend Chase right now. They’ve had a number of technical issues over the past few months, but they seem to be back to performing optimally now, and the cashback offer is hard to pass up, so are worth trying.


Maybe Monzo isn’t for you anymore.


Would love to know more about how high street banks have caught up with Monzo. Customer Service has been faultless for me since rejoining (the one time I needed them) although can have some inconsistent performance.

If you don’t like it, you can CASS away, no need to air it here.

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Good luck with that.


What would you like to see done the same or different?

You do realise Monzo wont reply, especially with the tone you’ve used, so you’re stuck with us :innocent:

We cant help with how vague you’re being, so you’ll have to elaborate.


should feel rather lucky in that case, there’s worse people to be stuck with!


Would be genuinely interested to know which bank this is. I do look myself occasionally but not aware of any bank with comparable functionality. Or do you mean caught up in terms of customer service?

Close your account?


If you keep relying on customer service, maybe you’re the issue and Monzo isn’t for you? Most issues are resolved through the help section if you look.

Starling is likely the next best, or Revolut (not yet a bank).


If you want personal customer service, sign up for Coutts bank and have a dedicated individual bank representative available to you via email and phone.

If you don’t qualify for Coutts, try first direct they offer on demand human representatives over the phone.

Monzo is a digital app-only self-service bank, targeted at people who get things done themselves.


CASS away

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A really great bank but definitely not the next Monzo, no matter how hard they might want to show as.

On this, I personally think we’ve never had it so good for different options. When I think back to how things were in 2016 to now, there is revolutionary change across the board (well, for the vast majority anyway). So OP, if you don’t like Monzo the good news is there are plenty of alternatives that will give you what you want, depending on what it is that you don’t think Monzo can provide of course :slight_smile:


The great thing about the British banking market is that you can pretty much test drive any and every account for free.


Good try but incorrect.

The correct answer was, post an extremely vague post in the forum and keep the account. Repeat once every 18 months or so.


If I switch an account I transfer the transactions slowly so that if I get unexpected problems I can stop using the new provider.
Maybe you’ve just been unlucky this time

There have been times since I’ve been full Monzo (since Oct 2018) that I’ve wondered if Monzo and I were suited to each other. I’m 65 and retired and probably not the typical demographic for a customer. That said I love being with the bank and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Yes there have been ups and downs but the ups have been far more prevalent.

And for me the consistent thing is the communication, so we know (by and large) when any issue is going to be resolved.

Being honest I can’t truly speak for customer service as I can’t remember when I last needed them and that for me is a good thing.
I think that we as customers need to lobby Monzo (such as here on the forum) for any changes we want to see rather than bounce around like a ping pong ball looking for our perceived banking utopia.

There,I’m done! Just an observation on my part and in no way a criticism of anyone else on here.

Here’s to the next 4years. :tada::tada::tada:


2.7% interest on savings from January makes all the difference to customer ratings and perceptions!
Chase have bought customers as has Marcus both loosing large amounts of money.

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