What's next for Plus & Premium - a question to Monzo

I’ve not experienced this :eyes:

Find a Shared Tab where you owe money, and there’s a button at the bottom that says - from memory - ‘settle up’

As soon as you press that, Face ID will scan your face, and send whatever it thinks you owe

At no stage does it clearly display the amount, or confirm the amount, or offer any option to part pay the outstanding amount


Yeah that really caught me out first time.

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Me too!

Oh, I always see the amount on the front in the shared tab, and just pay up.

I guess that’s where bill split is different as it does it individually and you can choose which to pay, instead of all in.

To merge the two, not sure how much of a task that would be, or to at least choose which ones you pay off at said time (I’ve never looked into if you can pick and choose which you pay)

I dont use shared tabs but is this similar to iOS where they dont have a summary and final confirmation screen when making bank transfers whereas Android people do?

Or does this shared tab issue exist on both Android and iOS?

from :monzo: app v4.25.0:

<boolean name="pay_loans_and_flex_from_pot" value="false" />

Once that flag gets changed to ‘true’ - Loans & Flex can be paid from a pot. No guarantees when, or even if, though!

I’d also like to see Plus/Premiuim fees to be taken from a chosen pot.


I’m really hoping they’ll finally bring premium to joint accounts. All of our spending is done on the joint account so until the features can at least be shared (I’m so sick of waiting - we’ll happily pay two sub fees) or better yet an ACTUAL premium joint account product it’s useless to us other than the savings in insurance but having a read it doesn’t sound like the travel insurance would be much cop; I think the policy wording only just stopped short of saying “if you’ve ever had a headache, brain injuries excluded” :joy:

I love Monzo but really need them to up their game. I prefer Monzo’s app over every other Fintech but if Chase begin to offer a competitive joint account product with the same cash back offers as the personal account, have to say we’re probably gone… :pensive:


Hi @Teddypullz & welcome :wave:

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Heya, were you able to share anything from that meeting?


@AlanDoe ^ :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the ping everyone!

I did have my meeting with team and I was able to provide a breakdown of the overall suggestions/queries regarding how our paid accounts are going to evolve. They’re taking them all away and we should be able to get a more direct response from the team soon rather than me telling you how things are developing.

Main thing is obviously to give the most accurate response we can as well as not setting wrong expectations when it comes to what we’re developing going forward.


Thanks @AlanDoe and it’s much appreciated - understand you want to underpromise and over deliver, looking forward to some indication even if timescales are understandably vague :slight_smile:


Yup. Snap. If only Custom Categories would appear; I can’t replicate that in any other way.

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Any idea how long this update might take to arrive? Thread has been open a while now.

I’d expect weeks if not months.

Monzo has, to I think - with a few honourable exceptions (hello @TheoGibson) lost the art of natural, authentic interaction.

I may well be wrong, but I suspect the paid folks are wondering about their comms strategy, development pipeline and may well be drafting a post to be approved by seniors and marketing people… when all that folk want is a bit of interaction. Something like Theo’s gold standard response here:

I should also say that honesty and interaction is appreciated, even if the answer isn’t what we want to hear (or there’s no real answer). So if there’s nothing planned tell us that, then explain why. Or just say that they’re thinking about marginal improvements and the back end.

Community interaction was a strong point and to see it wither makes me a bit sad.


I also think Theo has the knowledge/confidence/power(?) to share things, know what to say, what not to say etc. Same goes for Dan/Jack.

I’m sure this place can be a bit daunting when we see someone new, jump on them for more more more, or the critique comes because what they’ve said doesn’t match the demands of what people on here want.

So instead of tidbits we’ve actually got less info because we’ve scared them off.


It’s a real shame, to be sure. I lurk here often and loved getting sneak peeks of what was being planned!


Any update yet? It’s been another month…


Any update?