What would you like to see in a 2018 summary of your Monzo use?

So Monzo (accidentally) revealed that we’ll be getting summaries of how we used Monzo in 2018. Monzo has collected a whole load of data about my spending habits, so this has the potential to become really powerful.

Here’s my wishlist of some things an end of year summary might include:

  • Which retailer I used the most
  • Online vs high street spending
  • Time of day of my most frequent purchases (am I a midnight Amazon shopper - and is that something to watch out for)
  • Some comparisons to the average for my demographic (if Monzo is allowed to make those comparisons)

What data would you like to see about your Monzo usage?


Is there a negative correlation between my shopping at Tesco and Deliveroo…

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Is this going to be on a user by user basis? I thought it would be like previous reports they’ve produced, showing how much Monzo users collectively spent at Nandos etc.

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Collective totalls would be great things like most used supermarket/branch

a summary of how you’ve used Monzo in 2018.

I read that as details of my use, not Monzo users overall. But i might be wrong.

Where did you see the Nandos data…?

To power Machine learning and actual predictions,especially as they have so much access to data

This was what I remember seeing for last year - I figured it would be similar, maybe with more granular detail.

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takes notes


Where was this mentioned?

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Didn’t you get the emails last week?

Only one thanking me for investing. No reference to it in that. Maybe they stopped it before I got it?

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It’s a feature about your year in Monzo. Almost certainly related to the multi coloured doughnut in making Monzo twitter. Was in the December journal

I’d be interested to know which day Monzo users spent the most this year (maybe some sort of average to take into account rising user numbers). Was it Black Friday, a day in the run up to Christmas etc.


I got an apology email but I didn’t get the email they were apologising about


Me too :wink:

I must have unsubscribed from that.

I’ve signed up to as many as I can find and never have unsubscribed knowingly, but only got the apology email

Was this a Making Monzo one via Google d
Drive subscription or main Monzo email?

I think they pulled it before everyone got it because of the error

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Had kinda concluded that, but thanks for giving some credence to that

With over a million customers it certainly takes a while to send a load of emails!

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Wonder if I will now get a December journal :slight_smile: