What would make Monzo the perfect banking experience?

You get one month free already


I wouldn’t want features that cost Monzo money, since they are not even profitable yet.

I would want to see joint account parity with all Plus features and connected account parity with as many features as technically possible (e.g. predicting future payments, inclusion in budgeting etc).


I hadn’t even realised - thanks @JoeT!

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It would be good for maybe 6 months but they do an offer on accounting software so it’s a case of their expenses vs profit from the monthly fee.

You can upgrade and downgrade any time via the app. I upgraded to pro. Ordered the pro card (which is nicer) and then downgraded.

These articles seem pointless, because there’s a repeating pattern and they’re ignoring it. Joint account for Plus/Premium. But they will continue to ignore that request


It won’t make them money so they don’t care. The roadmap for monzo has to be in their profitable interests. We’re a number to them


We solely a number in life, existence, and any product man made :man_shrugging:t3:

You’ve given me a proper laugh today. Keep it up.


Yeah. National Insurance Number is our Inmate Tax Number and our NHS number is our inmate number no?

Oh, did I also mention joint account parity? Also joint account parity.

Cmon, just custom categories and virtual cards? Throw me a bone here.

Not a clue, too many numbers to remember :joy:

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The system. It gets us all confused

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I’m ‘full’ monzo in that my salary is paid into Monzo. My wife and I also have a Monzo joint account. However, I’ve stopped using Monzo for day to day stuff… why?

Revolut for virtual cards… they’re great for when I sign up to some online trial that will try to charge me again… or if I’m doing business overseas and I don’t know if I should trust them…

Starling because it’s dead easy to walk into a post office and pay cash in, fee free.

Chase for the 1% cash back and 5% interest on roundups. That really is a game changer.

This combination gives me all I need. Monzo feels to be lagging in the features race. Although, I’m sticking with Monzo because I’m hoping that one day the crowdfund investment becomes good :smiley:


I would suggest:

  1. Credit card offering
  2. Increase the £10,000 daily bank transfer limit
  3. IBANs for Monzo account (all bank accounts have this usually)
  4. More competitive interest rates on ODs, Flex, and loans.

Otherwise amazing banking experience.

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  1. IBAN (all banks have this…)
  2. Cashback for everyone
  3. Cheque imaging
  4. Better saving rates to something competitive

Been here since Beta and still waiting on IBAN so I can get paid by Twitch who will not pay to Wise.

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Just get Plus or Premium. And before you say “that’s free with Revolut” you should consider the long-game here. Every company needs to make money. If you ask for cashback and say you won’t pay for the account, then where does that end up? I personally want to pay for the services that I use, so that they don’t have to make money out of me surreptitiously, and I think you should too.

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Who are ‘they’?

The company running the service…


The company providing the service, presumably. Paying is no guarantee they won’t make money out of you surreptitiously. Similarly, likewise, receiving something for free doesn’t necessarily mean they will.

Some people are also perfectly happy to make that trade off, and that’s perfectly fine.


I think you’re flat wrong here, sorry. You can’t look on a feature-by-feature basis, you have to look at the whole, because the whole is where this question is meaningful. If you don’t pay for something then money will be made somehow, or the service will eventually cease to exist (when the VC runs out). If you’re not paying then the development effort no longer goes into satisfying your needs directly; those become a secondary concern. The primary development effort goes into making stuff for whoever is paying. I’ve witnessed this both externally (as will you have) and also first-hand.

Pay for the stuff you like directly.

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