What we're doing around card payment disputes at Monzo

Tell a lie, the option to reverse it has now appeared. Maybe it kicks in after a minimum of x working days?


It sounds like the person in chat misunderstood the request as it wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be considered a reversal, anyway, glad the option has now appeared.

I’m not sure why it took a while to show up.

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Hi Rika,

I would really like to see an area on the app which shows my Active/Resolved disputes, please.
I have only submitted my first dispute last week and it’s frustrating when I cannot see what has been submitted, when and what progress has been made on it. I would assume the customer service team use some sort of application/DB, which provides each dispute with an ID to which notes are made. This could then provide your customers, like me, peace of mind that my dispute exists and has not disappeared into the ether.



Totally agree with this. I’ve had bad luck where Monzo and Halifax both failed to submit the dispute via Mastercard. They were both very apologetic and both situations were resolved well. But it’s stressful having to chase these things (and a waste of COps time as well).

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I had both my double charged refunded, disputed the one that settled by mistake but got refunds

Got told the money could be taken back but I’m happy.

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This would be so helpful and mean less messages to staff

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