What we’ll build in 2019


Loved reading this. This kind of stuff is why I use Monzo. Much better than my previous banks.

(Paul Wilkinson) #80

Hi Colin, thanks a lot! Appreciate your help mate!!

(Rachel Reveley) #81

I have set up several pots and it would be useful to see the total amount in all of my pots as well as what is in my main fund.

I don’t want people chatting to me while I am using my debit card. The orange stands out in an unpleasant way.

Better interest rates on pots and interest on all pots if the total is more than £1,000 across pots rather than per pot.

Recent transactions are muddled along with other events, a traditional statement of transactions this month would help.

Also, I ill be remortgaging in July and will need printed statements. I currently don’t know how to get these.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #82

If printing your own isn’t sufficient, you can request them to be sent to you by using in app chat :+1:

(Splodf) #83

At the very top of the black bar on account page it’ll say personal account and under it will be your total balance.

(Michael Leung) #84

Initially disagreed with you and thought that premium cards e.g. black/metal would be neat but you actually make a really good point!

I think that there are vanity/premium options that could stick within the hot coral theme though! Like a metallic or holographic variant…

Um monzo plus?
(Cawley) #85

It is important to consider the incentive structures each monetization path creates (for Monzo, and for its users).

Monzo is still this fantastic thing that we love and want to support, so I’d really like to see any monetization path be thoughtfully considered in terms of the eventual impact it will have on Monzo’s future directional decisions.

That being said, transparent lending, credit ratings, saving, and investment are all really great ideas. I would personally like the option of a paid account which gave increased international withdrawal limits and potentially travel insurance.

p.s. I hope Monzo sticks with the Coral cards. It is such good marketing and every time I see someone pull one out it makes me feel like “the little guy” is winning. Reinforces the sense of community.

(Cawley) #86

Great point Michael, lots of options that keep the hot coral but allow for individual expression.

(Ihtasham) #87

I’m hoping that this Monzo Plus thing will not be something like Revolut Premium. I feel that charging a monthly fee for a bunch of features from which some will only use a small portion off seems like a bad idea. Alternatively, it might be better for Monzo to have a “Marketplace” for add-ons to your account such as insurance etc. I have personally invested myself in Monzo for the simplicity of banking, and not having to contemplate between which “type” of account is best for me, thus having everything as an optional extra makes life much easier (for me).

(Ray) #88

Still need PIN for locking App on Android phones as not all of us have or can use fingerprints.

(Thomas Horne) #89

I’d love to see a disposable card feature as part of plus; much like Revolut has.

(Mr Paul Dribbell) #90

I was out at a restaurant last night and as I sat down I said to my partner

“That man banks with Monzo”. She asked how I knew - I simply pointed out to her the bright coloured card that showed both he and I are marvellously thinking forward men!

I’m trying to persuade her to come across to the Dark Side but she’s still stuck in her own mindset about conventional brick banks… For now!

But I like the idea of different colours for different pots - which then turns a pot into an instant saver account, no?

(MikeF) #91

I think I’d need an interest rate to make that transition, not a card.

(Mr Paul Dribbell) #92

I agree with that.

Although interest rates are still shockingly low all over - and my money never sits still long enough to gain anything; not even dust!

(Richard) #93

So can any Monzonaught let us know which is going to be the first thing released and when? I am excited at these new features being available!

(Nathan) #94

Blog literally just went up saying all these things were only being considered at the moment and not confirmed… so lets give them some time to do that before expecting any results :laughing:

In the mean time lets look forward to the improved screens they’ve been looking at

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #95

I guess the place to keep an eye on is Making Monzo here:

So the next things are:

  • Plan ahead better with flexible budgeting tools
  • Loans.
  • We’re bringing support for the Current Account Switch Service to joint accounts.
  • Easily export your personal data from Monzo.

(Spencer Luxford) #96

I’m definitely looking forward to being able to chose different card colours. I appreciate ‘Hot Coral’ stands out but I personally don’t like it, so the option to chose would be most welcome!

(Spencer Luxford) #97

I agree, why should we be forced to use hot coral if we don’t have too. If you want to use it, rock on, but I would like some stylish other options!

(M) #98

Spot on - especially regarding remortgage, insurance and credit score