What was the last thing you bought with your Monzo card?

(Richard Cook) #1

Hey all :wave:

Here’s a fun question. What’s the most recent thing you’ve bought using your Monzo card?

Take a look at your feed in the app and share below.

I’ll go first:

Today I bought lunch from Abokdao (a sushi place near the office, ate way too much sushimi.

Your turn! :confetti_ball:

Community Roundup - 2/2/2018
(Mark Embling) #2

Postage :email:. I popped to the post office after work yesterday to send a small parcel (1st class). Boring, right? :rofl:

(Change Works) #3

A couple of pints in The George opposite the Royal Courts of Justice in The Stand

(Marcus Nailor) #4

Hot Coral trainers (Ok ok,it was actually lunch but hot coral is more fun :joy:)


(Richard Lowe) #5

Self service petrol at Morrisons


paid my BT phone bill…ouch

(Richard Cook) #8

These are… beautiful :heart_eyes:

(Marcus Nailor) #9

Believe it was Kieran W over on slack who found a great deal on these! :sunglasses: Can’t wait, arriving tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jack) #10

Pacel2go sending items for work as expenses

(Kai) #11

An Eastpak bag from ASOS. :slight_smile:

(Andrew Ross) #12

Premier Inn booking for the #toughMonzo challenge in April!


Two bottles of orange squash from m&s #rockandroll :rofl:

(Gavin) #14

2 pints of Stella and a packet of pork scratchings for Reggie the puppy.

(Simon B) #15

Philips Hue lightbulbs :grinning:

(Kevyn) #16

It was an iTunes card check which resulted in an instant refund…

(Liam W) #17

My last Monzo transaction was a payment to my Barclaycard of £6.72, for some stamps purchased for a 3rd party.

I have loads of transactions of me moving money to and from my ‘Sequestered’ pot… when the v2 api is released for developers, I’m going to create a service that ‘locks’ pots. I can’t resist temptation to use my Sequestered pot money :frowning:



Three newspapers.


an extension lead at Aldi :joy:

(Eve) #20

Last minute dash to get milk at 10pm at Sainsburys :joy:

(Simon B) #21

I just bought a metal strap for my Fitbit Charge 2. The Silicon one that it came with is giving me a slight rash.