What tier of debit card?

What tier of MasterCard Debit is Monzo in the US?

Standard, Enhanced, or World Debit Mastercard?

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It’s definitely not a World Debit, but how do I tell the difference between Standard and Enhanced? I just see “debit” and the MasterCard logo on my card.

If it is like Visa, it is the first part of the card number.

According to bindb.com, it’s standard, not enhanced.

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World would make it more competitive with CC.

Could you tell us what the difference is, please?

The difference is benefits:



World Debit Mastercard


I was hoping for a summary, but thank you.


Standard debit cards, well, the name says it all. You get the basic level of support from the card network that would come with any card issued by that network- zero liability for fraud, emergency card replacement (at a cost), emergency cash (at a cost), ID theft protection (actually that’s new to me- I didn’t know that was a standard MasterCard benefit)

Enhanced debit cards also have extended warranty (adds up to one year to the warranty period of products purchased on that card) and return protection (insures against the shop refusing to take back a return- in the event of such a refusal you can send it to the insurer at your expense and get reimbursed for the purchase, but not postage).

World debit cards have some travel benefits on top of those- travel booking services, hotel dispute assistance, price matching on hotel bookings, additional benefits when booking at certain hotels, as well as purchase protection (if you buy something and it’s stolen or damaged within 90 days of purchase you can ask them to cover the cost of repairing or replacing the item, depending).

Basically, an enhanced debit card provides a layer of protection on your shopping, and a World debit card provides some travel benefits and adds short-term insurance on all your shopping too.

Also, to add to this, I wouldn’t exactly complain if World Debit was made available as part of a Monzo Plus US or something like that. Generally, credit cards with travel benefits charge annual fees for the extra benefits, so it would make sense for that to be a tier above. However, I definitely think Enhanced debit should be part of standard Monzo. The return protection would definitely be a draw to those who shop at stores with more restrictive policies.


According to binbase and back of the Monzo card , it should be a world debit card

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Are the new debit cards World Debit Mastercards now

Is this to benefit from higher interchange when outside the UK and EU?

Interesting. Personal account card (oldest card) just has the Monzo logo there. Joint says “debit”. Business card (newest) says “world debit”.

Edit: binlist.net reckons they’re all World debit / Business World debit.


I wonder when we’ll see this for US cards- we’ve still got just plain old standard debit.