What is your relaxation guide to happiness?

Hello friends :wave:

I’m Lauren (most people call me Loz or Lauzzar) I’m part of COps team here at Monzo!

I’m basically the person that you get on the other end of the phone or replying weirdly to your tweets (mostly asking you what you had for lunch) :pizza:

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been a busy bee here at Monzo. I’ve also been non-stop with seeing mates, making time for boyf, trips away and making sure that try to hit that treadmill too. Yesterday, I sat down and thought I need a me-day. After I spent couple of hours playing Sims, binge watching some Marvel films before End Game comes out and didn’t have to entertain people, I felt completely relaxed and happy!

I don’t think I noticed that I was sad or even feeling tired at all, but the moment when I sat down, did something for myself and just relaxed, I felt like the world was lifted over my shoulders (or whatever the term is).

So the whole point of my endless monologue is to remind my fellow friends of the forum or us even helping each other to learn how to relax and making time for ourselves (as it is challenge). Even if it’s an hour a week or a day a week, we need to learn to just shut down and just forget about everything. In the long-run it’ll make us happy people :grinning:

My question for you all is: How do you relax and do you have any tips to help other people relax?


I play video games to help me relax but half the time I end up feeling more stressed after a gaming session! :video_game:

So what I think I’m saying is… I need help in this department! :laughing:


Good sleep is crucial to my relaxation and overall mood! I love tuning out with a sleep mask listening to white noise before bed (I love Noisli for this). If I don’t get enough sleep I am cranky as hell.

Decreasing my screen time is also helpful, but like @Tunny I love video games! Currently playing through Divinity II on the Xbox One.


I think for me it’s usually catching up on shows, gym, friends/family and gaming that helps :slight_smile: and works for me so I’ve stuck with that for a while now.

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Good quality sleep.

No screens for 30mins before bed. I read a (paper!) book to relax and unwind.

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Yeah, I need to decrease my screen time. I tend to always be looking at some sort of screen most of the day…

I’m a very competitive online gamer so if I’m not winning I’m not happy. I wish I could enjoy solo gaming! :frowning_face:


I play FIFA mostly, never online, so I usually win. It’s a trade off to reduce my stress levels as I’m a terrible loser!


I’m a very newbie gamer who likes story-based games so maybe that helps :thinking: but who am I to say!


That’s what I need… but I’m just overly competitve and enjoy social gaming too much. It’s really hard for me to get into a good story driven game but so easy for me to hop online and get into a quick competitve game.

I would say Story Based games is a good route to take as well so I’m with you on that Brenda it relieves a lot for frustration compared to online gaming.


Yeah, if it was anything like FPS games or something that requires actual coordination, I wouldn’t like it very much at all.

Undertale for example was great bedtime gaming because it was so simple - was like an interactive bedtime story :zzz:


For me, for genuine relaxation, it’s got to be a really naf film that I don’t really have to pay attention to, but can follow loosely enough (rom-coms tend to do the trick) :grimacing:


What kinda naff film, @herbjiang? I’m curious about your definition :eyes:

Sleep…so so important. A good nights sleep is so relaxing.

I actually find that mindfulness works for me. I know it doesn’t for everyone but sitting down somewhere where I know I won’t be disturbed and closing my eyes for 5-10 minutes really helps.

A good paper book as well. Not a kindle but a book that I am physically holding. Can’t beat a good book.


Great opportunity to plug an old blog post!

tldr - baths, video games, junk food, and very loud music :slightly_smiling_face:


A bath…with a good book…and a strawberry milkshake…

However I am 6ft 5 and since moving into my home 4 years ago I’ve been unable to fit into the bath…needs to be rectified that…


I really enjoy building nanoblocks for a bit of relaxation! They’re like teeny tiny Legos if you’ve never come across them. I find zoning out and building those tiny blocks really satisfying.

Edit: Here’s one I built today. It’s the Torii Gate of Itsukushima Shrine in Japan :heart_eyes:


I generally use video games, or films/tv shows to relax. I find a short (between 5 and 15 minute) guided meditation each evening also helps :smiley: and occasionally, if I’m particularly restless, a nice cup of chamomile tea :slight_smile:

… am I getting old already? :eyes:

Reading, podcasts, roller skating, feel good TV, hot bath, solo dance party, yoga, open access study course, online window shopping, fun car adventure with snacks and good tunes.

Self care is important :blush:

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Wish there was something natural to help relax.
Music, although I end up listening to edgy music.

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