How do you spend your free time?


What is the best thing to do when you have free time?

(Rachel Raybould) #2

I like to sit and watch YouTube or do some sewing. Can’t say sewing is for everyone but it helps me.

(Joe) #3

I like to chill and watch films on Netflix or I will have lo-fi music on and browse reddit.

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(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #4

Monzo forum on Discourse, naturally. :man_shrugging:

(Martin Jones) #5

Monzo Hot Chip Teddy??? :grin:

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(Rachel Raybould) #6

I could :thinking: but it would take a while to find the material for it I guess.

(charles edwards) #8

To be honest, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I can watch TV or reading a book, sometimes I want to exercise or I can play online casino. By the way, I was always skeptical about gambling but it can be really profitable. Just visit

(Harry Dover) #9

I suggest a nice walk in the countryside. If you are looking for places to visit, may I suggest the Midlands? :smile:

(Caspar) #10

I started using the gym properly last year and now visit 5 times a week which has vastly improved my life (even if I bore my friends to tears).

Other than that, if I have ‘free’ time at home I catch up on TV shows or read.

(Charlie Kelly) #11

Photography, food, Netflix and drinking.

(Jolin) #12

What is this ‘free time’ you speak of? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Nicole Dall) #13

I like to go to the cinema (100% recommend the cineworld unlimited card), read books/fanfiction or listen to podcasts :slight_smile:

(Matt Hill) #14

I’ve been really in to Pokemon Go since it launched, so can often be found going on very long walks with some friends also in to the game. Gaming and exercise combined, who would have ever thought that would be a thing?!

I do enjoy watching a good boxset when i’m at home. Recently I’ve just finished series 3 of Shooter on Netflix. Star Trek Discovery, Homeland, Designated Survivor, The Grand Tour and The Orville are some currently on-going series i’m really enjoying.

I love my tech and gadgets so will often be messing about with some PC / home server related project.

In the summer months I do also enjoy a good BBQ.

(Emma (still not the app)) #15

Etsy. I’ve looked before :grin:

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(Kevyn) #16

I wish I had free time :sleepy: .

(Rachel Raybould) #17

Have you got a link? I made a hot chip pattern. :heart:

(Emma (still not the app)) #18

Give me til tonight and I will have a look and see if i can find it again :sweat_smile:

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(Cheryl) #19

For me camping and geocaching are the main things I’d class as my ‘hobbies’. I just like spending time with my family!

(Simon) #20

Cooking, writing music, cycling and watching films (…and drinking :roll_eyes:)


I do Brazilian jiujitsu a few times a week. It’s a martial art involving grappling, controlling your partner & submitting them. I go for the social aspect moreso than the ‘sport’ though.I love it, it’s changed my life in so many positive ways :smiley: