What is the graph trying to tell me here?

(Pete) #1

Any ideas what’s going on here? Looks like my graph has split in two and overlapped

(Richard Bairwell) #3

Possibly last months graph so you can make comparisons? I am only guessing here as I haven’t seen that on Android yet (iOS exclusive?)

(MikeF) #4

That’s normally a transient state while it’s doing drawing calculations when I’ve seen similar before. I don’t think it has any particular meaning. It looks like it never completed the final draw calculation so got stuck this way for some reason.

(Pete) #5

Cheers for the ideas guys. I closed the app and when I reopened it was normal again so I’m assuming it was stuck.

(Kenny Grant) #6

I see this all the time too. I assumed it was a bug but it’s been happening for so long I thought perhaps it was intentional.

I think the lighter line after the solid line is supposed to be your projected spending, but the lighter line under the solid line of existing spending looks like a mistake. Perhaps someone from @monzo can let us know.

(Richard Bairwell) #7

Can people report this on Squash the bugs! with your iOS and app versions (with the screenshots - copied from here if you are unable to replicate)?