Win a holiday with Monzo?

So I had an joke idea

Say everyone who an account with Monzo and have at least £500 in a savings account a month or averaged a certain amount per month would automatically, be entered into a competition to win a holiday.

What do people think

Playing slightly devil’s advocate it might be a little close to gambling, but you can’t lose money so only slightly

No thanks. Feels cheap and tacky. Not something I’d want from my bank.


I definitely feel Monzo should stay away from these types of things. A lottery is an idea that I have seen floated a few times around here.

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  1. Anyone who can’t pay in the £1000 (in this example) is, what, a ‘lesser’ customer so shouldn’t have this chance?
  2. I don’t want my bank running competitions, that is not their purpose.
  3. This is not a good way to grow the customer base, as it’d be too easy to ‘play’ without being an active Monzo user (move £1000 in and out to trigger entry, Monzo don’t benefit in any way).

Can we downvote things? :wink:


That was exactly what I used to do as a graduate trying to keep my overdraft interest free even though it was no longer my own account, You had to pay in £750 a month, so i use to send the account £750 on payday and send it straight back

I’d rather stay away from competitions too, just a good premium account


A holiday where? Skegness?

How do people put a value on what a £1,000 deposit will be to Monzo?

What if I deposited the money and then immediately transferred it out like most people do with these kind of promotions?

So many questions! :laughing: :exploding_head:

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if they were going to do something like this then would think a card payment triggering an entry in to the competition would be better. More you use your card more chances to win. Kind of like pooled cashback. Where instead of everyone getting x% most people get nothing and a few get something decent.

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I think you’ll just end up encouraging people to spend more money they may necessary don’t have. with all the pots features, budgeting & instant notifications, Monzo is getting people to do the opposite.

Oh yeah, I can’t see them doing it, just said its more likely than a holiday for paying in a grand because it’s something that’s definitely making them money.

I don’t think the amount matters all that much.

Did you have fun with the idea then? :slight_smile:

Seems tacky tbh

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