Monzo Plus cash lottery

With the breakdown of Monzo Plus due to a number of reasons, how about our own personal monthly community lottery as a perk for the new Plus?

Take a certain small percentage of Plus membership payments across the whole community and award a split of the sum to a couple of random lucky Plus members!

I feel like it would be a great way to get people to sign up, keep us signed up, and to reward us for doing so.

Correct me if I read this wrong. Your suggesting that people paying for plus make their own lottery using more of their own money because plus, that they are paying for, doesn’t have enough incentives?

I think the answer there is to stop paying for something that your not getting what you want from it. Then you’ll have more money.


Yeah not sure this is what Plus should ever be for a bank that is trying to help people be better with money.


You’re misunderstanding; I probably haven’t been clear. I was suggesting the lottery be added as a perk of being a Plus member for the reimagined Plus.

So I pay for ‘something’ and as part of that I get added to a cash lottery.

No I understand just fine.

Lotteries are not a good idea for a bank, they’d open the bank up to gambling laws and all sorts, plus they just aren’t a good thing to spend money on.


Who wouldn’t want the chance to win some of their money back. I don’t think it constitutes gambling as you’re not risking anything - happy to be proven wrong though :slight_smile:

I personally can’t see it happening because Monzo can’t be competitive enough on the products they provide. This is because they’re small fish in a big pond. Perhaps it could be an option at a later date when they’ve got the basics sorted.

I understand what you’re saying. It’s similar to what my energy supplier allows you to do each month when you submit a meter reading:

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Love the :octopus: wheel, never won anything yet though.

How about Monzo Bingo? Downloadable tickets and Hot Coral Dabbers, following a livestreamed bingo caller (not the dog) shouting numbers and you press the ‘House’ button in-app to win.

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Me neither :sob: Hopefully one day even if it’s just £1 :crossed_fingers:

I was with you up until you said that :laughing:

Perhaps a better option is to just start buying Premium Bonds. You may win big, but your capital is preserved (if somewhat exposed to inflation).

I see the possible danger here being that people who struggle with gambling & loot boxes may end up paying for Monzo Plus if it included a lottery in the hope of winning cash, and not for whatever the other perks where. What seems harmless to most of us therefore, could become a reason for some Monzo users to leave.

Fair point :+1:

I guess they’d have to be careful how they worded it and how much cash they gave away.

Similar to my energy supplier example, it’s money off your next bill. So you can’t withdraw it or anything.

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