Spending Targets Still Unusable

I love Monzo - it’s a fundamental part of my day! Last year I decided to move a lot more of my financial activity to Monzo. But recently I’ve been getting so frustrated with the targets feature.

All financial tracking seems to be done purely on outgoings. If I spend money but then someone sends me a payment for half of my that outgoing, my spending records don’t update positively but still show me spending the full amount. This makes it impossible for me to track my spending accurately and I’m soon going to be forced to find another bank/app to give me a realistic view of my spending.

I’m sure the team at Monzo must be aware of this but please can we see this updated soon?

I love the bank, the app and the customer support and I don’t want to leave. But please can you sort this out soon - seems like the biggest gap in the system right now.

Thanks :pray:



This is being worked on as part of something called ‘breakdown’. It’s basically a revamp of spending for current account usage :+1:

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As Peter’s said, a fix is on the way :smile:

Zancler’s given a really good preview of the changes that’re due to be made to the Spending features, acknowledges this issue & says that they’ll fix it (at 13:20) here -

You can help the team with that by voting on this poll -

Lastly, there’s been lots (lots) more discussion about this here -

so please feel free to join in there.

I’m not aware of any other bank that has budgeting built into their app, what did you have in mind?

(Note, this is not to deny your central complaint that the budgeting in :monzo: is unuseable as is, I have the same problem.)

As I’ve said elsewhere, until Monzo deliver this, you can fudge it with Emma to some extent

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Emma is better at telling me what I’ve actually spent our saved than Monzo is right now! And I use Monzo for almost everything

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Lloyd’s TSB has some pie charts and spending categories for a while a few years ago. Not sure if they still have it though I closed my account last year.


that is what’s missing from Monzo, a good pie chart!


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