What does scheduled payments "Stop repeating" mean?

If I schedule a payment to come out on the 1st of every month, and choose it to “Stop repeating” on 1 December 2022, does that mean it will take the final payment on 1st of December, or will the final payment be on 1st of November?

FYI, I wouldn’t have this question if either the copy “Stop repeating” was changed, or if you added a little subtitle explaining what it meant below it.


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Why don’t you just pick a different date so that it’s 100% clear what you want it to do? ie. Stop on the 2nd…

If you tell it to stop repeating and the first payment hasn’t gone yet it will only take the first payment, if the first payment has gone it’ll cancel immediatly.

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I’d guess it wouldn’t send the December payment, as the instruction is to stop it on that date, but I agree it’s somewhat confusing.