What do you use Pulse for?

Sorry if I’m coming over as a bit of a n00b here but I was just wondering what people are using the pulse feature for? I’m finding it a bit useless, though it looks nice! I have just splurged on long haul flights it’s got a huge spike in the middle and the rest is unreadable… I think my monthly spend is probably pretty inconsistent anyway. I just wondered what other people find useful about it that I might be missing out on.

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@hugo mentioned here that the scale issue with the pulse is on the radar, and will hopefully be addressed at some point in the future!

So far, I haven’t had any problems with the pulse, and have actually found it really useful for getting a rough idea of how much I’m spending at a glance. Saying that, the biggest purchase I’ve made on my :mondo: card is ~£50, so that’s probably why I haven’t experienced any of the difficulties you’ve mentioned.

In all honestly.i haven’t found it very useful. Maybe it will become,more useful when mondo is a full bank and I have direct debits coming out.

I don’t really find it useful at all as it is. I don’t agree that a pulse or trend that is based on an account balance alone really helps people. The reason a lot of personal financial analysis products have taken off of late is because of their ability to analyse spend and is what I thought Mondo would offer. My ideal pulseline would have two different coloured trends, one for balance and one for spend. Comparing the two side by side for me gives you the perfect way to see how you’re doing with saving vs spending. Two very different behaviours.