What do Monzo target first, Android or iOS?

Not sure if this was in reply to my comment but I wasn’t trying to mention parity, more I think things get developed and when the things are ready they are deployed - I don’t think it is an internal decision to say “Android will get this feature first with iOS receiving it X days later”.

It does seem that Android is more malleable (I have no idea how the OSs work) but iOS for the most part seem set in the ways in which you are able to provide updates and deploy new features whereas Android doesn’t.


Yeah definitely know that Android is easier to release updates for, but I think that falls into ‘just because you can’…

Sure build a new feature for both OS, but you don’t have to release until it’s ready for both?

Looking at the Custom Notifications thread as an example though, that level of granularity isn’t available on iOS. Why not? Because it can’t be or because it’s just never been developed?

Feels a bit lacking in control/management is where I’m going with all this, I love Monzo but this is the downside of Agile development for an ‘established’ product, particularly one with a vibrant community forum where we can dissect all this. Nothing against Agile but could maybe do with some polish on the release mechanisms?

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There is some good information about how the developers work in the below Q&A:

Here is the first reply, and if you go into the topic he goes into more detail with some subsequent ones :slight_smile:

Hmmm I definitely see where you are coming from but at this stage for Monzo I think waiting to deploy until both OSs are lined up would be more of a hindrance IMO.

Allowing one group to test, review, feedback etc can in effect help the other if it isn’t near deployment yet. Granted I know nothing about this stuff and it goes WAYYY over my head so not sure if this is actually possible in practice.

But one of the things I do see a lot of positive feedback on is the time it takes Monzo to update, iterate etc. This would surely be affected if you needed to wait for both to be ready.

It seems harsh to make an OS wait because the other is having issues - I’d personally rather the product comes out when it is ready for the OS I’m not on if it is ready for that OS.


Pretty sure I recall reading somewhere that the nature of release cycles for the respective app stores also has an effect on which one comes first.


Custom Notifications is an example where we have it on Android and not on iOS. Automatically categorizing all spend abroad as expenses or holiday is something that you have on iOS and not on Android. That one drives me insane and there seems to be zero plan to resolve it.

Ultimately - it’s not even, and perhaps that’s a bad thing. I know going forward all the main features are released on both platforms and I think it’s okay they’re released at slightly different times. They’re only ever a few weeks apart at most it seems.

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So they should hold back good stuff from everyone because not everyone can have it yet?

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There’s no real answer for this, sometimes features get built for iOS first, sometimes they get built for Android first.

Broadly, by the time the public gets a feature widely deployed, it should be at parity. Anything not at parity is an oversight, a platform specific feature, or was due to historical reasons.

Occasionally, things will go to Labs on one platform a week before the other. This will be down to release train timing, super early experimentation, or last minute bugs more than anything intentionally against the other platform. :slightly_smiling_face:


Gosh, what? And have parity for all users? That sounds terrible.

OK, so lets say I agree with this, are you saying that the majority of users would:
a. KNOW about a new feature (the % of Monzo customers on this forum is very small)
b. be annoyed at waiting a week or two for the next release?

Almost every other app I use releases now and then, some do it regularly (fornightly or monthly) and I just don’t see this as being an issue.

Or are you that bothered that you’d be up in arms at waiting for a couple of weeks for something?

A nice aim for sure. The parity wiki page suggest otherwise though. And I don’t see any mention of restoring parity anywhere so is this only going to grow?

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That makes sense but those release cycles are known (even if they vary slightly), could be factored in?

At the very least.

New release with feature X can be announced for both platforms, and arrives in the next app store update, surely?

:thinking: It doesn’t work on iOS. At least, not for everyone, every time.

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Good to know. Never had an issue with it when I did use it on iOS.

:shushing_face: Don’t let anyone know, but I’ve managed to sneak out of the country without Monzo finding out! And I’ve used my card several times.

The idea of denying others things that improve their life just because you can’t have them yet seems pretty petty, to be honest

Petty? The same as not being able to wait a couple of weeks for something? :thinking:

Which was the point I made that you ignored to have a dig at me. But sure.

Back on topic then - I understand why release cycles are different, and that sometimes Android will get things first, sometimes it’ll be iOS… so let me rephrase.

How about the same feature is worked on for both OSes and are both released when they are ready. If it takes longer to build one over the other (consistently) then bulk up that area.

Basically there is no real reason for feature parity at all, regardless of release cycles, as this is all entirely within Monzos gift to give. Right now, they are releasing some things here, some things there, and that’s great! But it isn’t sustainable.

But that’s just IMPO… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes. What difference does it make to you specifically what other peoples’ experience of the product is? In what way does withholding or releasing something in Android impact your experience in iOS?

Same question thrown right back at you. can you not just wait a couple of weeks while someone else enjoys the feature?

Swings and roundabouts, some things get release in iOS first and some in Android. So what? :man_shrugging:

Or sometimes not at all.

I agree, they should hold off and release things equally because it would be much easier to keep on top of it all and everyone can discuss and enjoy the same features without the divide.

Have you seen the below topic of differences?


None. And I’ve never stated otherwise.

And I’m perfectly happy to wait a couple of weeks if it means feature parity. That’s kinda my point here.

LONGER TERM I don’t think this is sustainable as the gap in parity will just grow and grow and you end up with two products with differing features. Get passed the ‘next cool thing’ thinking and this becomes a product level issue, where you have to tailor things to your market based on OS which costs more in the long run so whilst it’s great we are getting amazing features ASAP on whatever platform you are on (it is great, I’m not denying that, release away!) I’m more wondering if any thought has been given beyond the next year or so.

Anyway, it’s all getting a bit heated and personal so I’ll shut up now.

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Fair enough, reasonable concerns and good response. I would’ve though that staggered releases would’ve been better way of implementing new features and I am under the impression that Monzo have thought about this. As far as I am aware, there are two completely different teams working on both apps so they are always going to work on developing similar things in completely different ways, not sure how different release dates/times, and delaying these, would impact future ease of maintaining parity, but something to have in mind for sure.

The apps are always going to be somewhat different and there will be minor differences. iOS and Android are two different platforms with different philosophies and design guidelines. I would be more annoyed to have an iOS clone app slapped onto my Android phone than a proper Android app missing minor quirks. That I cannot automatically categorise spending while abroad is not a deal breaker for me.

Not at all, it wasn’t my intention to turn a civil discussion into a personal argument. My tone wasn’t great, sorry. Opinions are great even if we respectfully disagree.

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