Considering Monzo Business Account

So… I registered for the Business account waiting list when it was first announced. Got my invite a couple of months ago but sat on it was I wanted to wait for a few more features to justify the £5/month or £60/year…

I am a small company, just myself and run this on the side of a full-time job… today I received an email from Monzo saying basically use my invite or it’ll be gone in the next week… (thanks :roll_eyes:)

I really really want to use Monzo and have all my accounts in one place but the feature releases and lack of communication on pricing are really putting me off…

Do we have any updates etc on pricing from Monzo, if I don’t hear anything I just can’t justify moving from Starling Business which is free…


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What do you need for the fee?

I pay £6.50 for Barclays and don’t get a lot to be honest.

As soon as monzo have the open banking API for my accounts software I will be switching

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I don’t need anything premium really… that’s why I have an issue with the fee… I would use…

  • Bank Account
  • Direct Debits
  • Transfers to UK Accounts
  • Card for Payments in Store and Online
  • The API (when it’s available)

I don’t need interaction to accounting software, I don’t need invoicing really but may consider this in the future… I don’t even need International Transfers

Most business accounts will charge you.

There are free options out there. If you want monzo you have to pay

I can’t do monzo until they accept international payments as I have the odd American client.

If you don’t want the invite I will happily take it from you. :joy:

I’ve been #FullStarling for over a year (both business and personal) and while it works great the “Monzo vibe” just isn’t there and I’m starting to miss it.


Hi @Dan_R - Alex here from the Monzo Business Banking team :wave:Thanks for the candid feedback. It’s really valid and we really appreciate it.

You might have heard that we’ve been slowing the rate at which we bring on new businesses so we can focus on building the world’s best business bank account.

One of the areas we’ve been exploring is pricing structures for the account, going forward. I’m afraid I can’t say much on the topic (because nothing is set in stone, and I’m also not best placed to give updates on this), but if there were any changes to be made I expect them not to happen until next year.

Whilst we’ve battened down the hatches in order to make loads of improvements to the Business Account before a big 2020, we’ve temporarily stopped communication with you all via our monthly email updates. Sorry for the radio silence! :pray:We hope to start these up again in the near future, too, but in the meantime thanks for your patience!

It’s safe to say we’re really excited about the future of our Business Accounts and what 2020 will bring, so thanks for bearing with us!


Hi @Fox

Thanks for getting back to me, its really appreciated! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have lots of exciting things coming but not until 2020 - I think I will hold back for now and revisit in 2020 and hopefully hop on board!!

Just a shame my invite has to expire meaning I can’t jump on whenever I am ready, but I guess thats just the way it is!

I shall look forward to the future comings and as I said hopefully join up in 2020 :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


@Dan_R - you’re most welcome! :idoffmyhat: (:arrow_left: shame our Slack emojis aren’t on here).

I completely understand, and we’d love to have you onboard! :rocket:

If you’d like to hop on the in-app Chat when you are ready to signup for a Business Account, we’ll talk you through the next steps.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Fox :fox_face: