What apps are you using?

I forgot this existed. Still can’t seem to connect apple calendar in so its a no from me.

True, but in honestly the Apple Calendar is the closest yet. It might not be the nicest looking in parts but it really ticks all the boxes for me, and has done for a while.

Journey I found was an absolute bag of garbage, Timepage has significantly improved. It nearly became my apple calender replacement but it was super buggy at times.

Apple Calendar it is, until something nicer comes along.

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Journey was a bit too much for me. I quite liked timepage though, and for a while that’s what I used. Eventually just went back to the default calendar app though.

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I can’t get excited about a calendar app. Jesus himself could release one and I wouldn’t care.


Fantastical is infinitely superior to Apple Calendar. The full version is quite pricey, but even the free version knocks the socks off the stock app.


I used to think this. It’s a lovely app and I don’t disagree in some ways superior.

But then I found that anything I would want from a calendar app, Apple does just fine. And it’s free.

The “extra” features I just couldn’t see the point in paying for.


For me, it’s

  • the ability to have a Split View of calendar and list, and to be able to scroll the list from month to month, which Calendar doesn’t do.
  • timed reminders in my list
  • different calendar sets so I can switch focus depending on if it’s a workday or not
  • templates to quickly add recurring appointment

I guess it has those additional features, it’s a nice app for sure

Yeah im loving that also

Gentler Streak got a big update to coincide with the iOS 17 update today for anyone interested in things like iPad support and Bluetooth sensor compatibility…


Thanks! Been looking forward to the iPad app!

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