We’ve raised £340 million in new funding

Hello everyone, I’m excited to confirm we’ve raised £340 million ($430 million) in new investment.

The fundraise has been led by a new investor CapitalG, Alphabet’s independent growth fund that’s backed companies like Stripe and Airbnb. Other leading tech investors like GV (Google Ventures), and HSG (HongShan Capital) have participated too, alongside existing investors including Passion Capital and Tencent.

We’re so excited about what the new injection of capital will enable us to do, fuelling our plans to keep growing the business, developing our products and bringing Monzo to more people.

The round values Monzo at a pre-money valuation of £3.6 billion ($4.6 billion) and our share price remains at £14.41. As we raised £340 million ($430 million) in new funding, post-money the company’s valued at £4 billion ($5 billion).

Against an extremely challenging backdrop, it’s a real vote of confidence from investors in the company and our trajectory. The new investment shows strong support for our strategy, that’s seen us double revenues year-on-year and move into profitability, ship important products like Investments that serve more of our customers’ financial lives, and bring Monzo to 9 million customers – 2 million last year alone!

In the current market conditions, less capital has been flowing into private companies. Many are finding it difficult to raise funding and even growing businesses are seeing valuations fall. Raising capital from respected investors in this climate is a strong result that makes us a significant outlier in the market. For those of you who are crowd investors and have questions about the share price, we hope this offers relevant context.

The new investment will help fuel our continued growth and we can’t wait for what’s next!

Huge thanks as always for your support and feedback on the way – Crowdcube will be sending out a similar update to crowd investors on our behalf soon too.


Congratulations! :clinking_glasses:


Well done Monzo!


wHy ArEN’T My ShARES wOrtH 100 qUId YeT wUt Are yOU dOInG MOnZO!!!


Before all the “disappointed in my investment” posts roll in let me just say that Monzo have defied gravity over the last couple of years by working hard and shipping high quality things relentlessly.

Congrats to everyone involved and roll on the IPO :+1:


(just getting in there first, in all seriousness congrats and this is positive news)


This is amazing news :clap: Can you clarify the post-money Share Price? I was a little confused by the wording there… will the share price remain at 14.41 post-money too? Either way I am ecstatic with this raise and look forward to seeing what happens next

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Now you can afford to send me a plushie! :jack_eyes:


Yes that’s right, the share price remains at £14.41 – the post-money valuation is how much the company’s valued after taking into account the new investment – the share price doesn’t change pre/post money.


Absolute joke that the valuation has only increased by $500 million in 3 years despite onboarding another 4-5 million customers since then. The small time investor gets shafted again to give the VC’s a bigger and quicker return?

@AlanDoe can you answer post above please

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  • What price did this ‘small time investor’ buy their shares at?
  • What price are they worth now?

Just to understand your definition of ‘getting shafted’…


I invested in December 2018.

I was waiting for your irrelevant ramblings and they haven’t disappointed.


So something like 90% growth in 6 years?

You must be incredibly new to the concept of startup investment if you think that’s what ‘getting shafted’ looks like :sweat_smile:


So, if I recall correctly, you invested at £7.71 per share in 2018 and now the same share is now valued at £14.41

At those rates, I’d be happy to be repeatedly shafted.




I don’t think you guys are fully understanding,the share price has been the same for the past 3-4 years despite onboarding another 3-4 million customers and releasing feature after feature ie; Overdrafts/Flex/Loans etc. the money raised in 2021 should have added value to the company,if it hasn’t then in my opinion,that is unacceptable!

Nobody cares what you think is acceptable

Have you had a look around and seen what is going on in the world?


Out of interest, what is it you think can be done about this and who should be doing it?

You can’t beat the big boys,so nothing can or will be done. I’ll just have to accept that I’ve been shafted “at this moment in time” maybe it will turn into a good thing when Monzo IPO’s in 2025