The $ billion and half valuation

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Though this is a bit cutting.

“Shocking-pink” or “shocking, pink”?!

Monzo to raise $150 million extra funding?
Monzo Valued at $1.5bn

“shocking pink” they author defo tried to intentionally not say Hot Coral ha

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So glad they mentioned millennials in the first line, now I know it’s definitely an article about Monzo


How do they refer to us oldies that aren’t millennial that seem to be quite a few.

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It warps their narrative too much so we are largely ignored

(Nick Perry) #6

Sorry, can you speak up a bit. My hearing isn’t what it was.

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Maybe you should be flattered that they are calling all Monzo customers young :wink:


Those pesky millennials!


I love how the article keeps jumping between £ and $. Pick a currency and stick to it please, it confuses my not-millennial old brain.


So I have to ask… short term unsecured loans? Accel Partners who backed Wonga?

“Monzo you’re not going to be offering 5000% loans are you?, no not Monzo?”

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Spread the cost

They gave Wonga cash, doesn’t mean they had any say in the business


I know in my heart, it’s just not Monzo.


Out of curiosity (and to honest brand pride) anyone hazzard a guess as to market valuation of Starling?

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Too much about them is hidden, how could you even guess a price?


Wonder if Monzo are waiting to hit 1 million accounts before announcing this.

Either way looks like it’s true along with the guardian article


I’m assuming that there might be a crowdfunding round to go with any speculative future funding round…? :thinking:

(btw, were you the very first Crowdcube investor?!)

(PS @glasgow @Dannytc @Jackcrwhitney - any chance of merging these threads?)

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As requested!

Just to keep all the chat in one place :ok_hand:t3:

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The Guardian article refers to “high-interest savings accounts” which is promising, the other threads assumed they’d be < 1% given Monzo take their fee out of the interest too. Here’s hoping for something competitive (I think the highest quick-access savings account is just 1.4% at the moment though, or 3% or 5% with some bank accounts on a fixed term).

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Phenomenal new valuation of Monzo - Monzo raises c$150m from investors including Accel Partners

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Hey mark,

Moved your post here to keep the chatter all in one thread surrounding this news. Hope that’s ok.