We've just closed a new funding round!

I don’t think it was inflated

If it hadn’t been for that pesky global pandemic this would have been fine


they “gave” them more shares because of the anti dilution clause 9.1 in the articles of association , they were legally committed to it


Cheers Michael.

Sounds like I only really made the big money from back during the “Mondo” round of investing. I put £1,000 in originally then dropped it to £200 in case I needed the cash just before it closed. Suppose I shouldn’t be complaining with the return! ha. At the end of the day, it could still tank and you can’t realise profits yet anyway.

Seems like its good news for Monzo but also seems as if Monzo are no longer bothering with crowdfunding, which is a shame.

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Yea, I don’t even think about “omg I own shares in Monzo” when I think about the money I have available, I count it as spent + gone. Then when/if the chance arises and I get anything back then it’ll be a win.


Really? :roll_eyes: Crowdfunding is incredibly expensive and there was never a guarantee or an expectation that it would encompass every investment round. At this point in time I can’t see that spending thousands on crowdfunding is a good use of the company’s money.


So a 40% down round… Nothing wrong with that but please admit it rather than ignoring it. Other banks such as Lloyds and HSBC are also down ~40%


We decided not to for this round — it takes a lot of time and focus that we really can’t afford at the moment. For this round, we decided that it was better to focus that time and effort on new, revenue generating products. Hopefully, in the long term, that’s the right choice and ensures better outcomes for existing crowd investors too :slight_smile:


I’m just personally fuming that I didn’t get involved in the 2016 round. It’s like Bitcoin all over again!!!



Feel like they have glanced over the previous valuation before hand of 2bn and that the share price had dropped surely. Or have they just diluted everything.

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Which will be released…?

(Worth a shot at getting a hint of date or quarter)





For reference, shares were priced at £13.0194 during the Series F funding round last year.


Why does your email omit the Series F round?
That is a drop of 40.7% of share value for investors from Dec 2018.

Also, you significantly increased the market cap of the company with the 2 latest funding rounds. It seems very naive to say ‘‘shares are worth the same’’ - not even considering net present value over 1.5 years.

With all the funding rounds, it seems reasonable investors are putting more pressure on IPO timeline. Let’s wait for some news on that in the coming years.


Thanks for confirmation. Totally understandable given the circumstances. Looking forward to seeing progress on the product :soon:.



Hi Team,

Thanks for the update. I participated in your Crowdfunding round back in 2018.

Is there any appetite to open this investment round up to your wider community of existing investors? Despite the PPS not increasing since 2018, I’d love the opportunity to invest again at this valuation.

£13 is much more than £7 so how are my shares worth the same?

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Am I right in thinking the shares were worth c.£13 a share last year? Quite a drop (I know because of COVID but still)

EDIT: I’ve just seen others have made this point above. Apologies. Quite a drop. Disappointing


Man…2016 investors are smiling right?