We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

Not read all the comments here so don’t know if I’m doubling up, and I’m always all for streamlining the app and making things better but:

  • I don’t see the benefit of removing navigation tabs. Navigation tabs makes it very easy to switch between parts of the app. The whole slide down or up part of the new “home” to me looks like it’s going to be way more problematic than just tapping a nav item to get to your card
  • I’m happy pulse graph is going, never liked it
  • don’t see the point of removing summary for now until you redo it, it’s not like the bottom nav is so over bursting it’s critical to remove some items!?!? I don’t even use summary as it doesn’t really work with a joint account.

So basically I’m up for streamlining the app but really confused why removing nav items is the answer to that and trying to make each page do way more functionality, much rather have more tabs and simpler pages with quick and clear actions, not hidden cards and pots or god knows what underneath my current spending etc.


The summary page is completely key to how I use Monzo also. The important things it does for me are

  • tracking how far ahead or behind my spending is for this specific time in the month
  • using a fixed budget, not just how much is left in the account; sometimes there’s extra money in the account from last month or overtime payments or whatever and I need to move it to savings not accidentally spend it

Agree 100% with every single bit of this. This is how I imagine summary is designed and you put it perfectly.

I too have the same issue with scheduled pots payments but I also get why they don’t appear in committed spend because it is savings. But it is only a problem for a day or so


I set an overall budget of £110 per month but my balance may be higher than that, doesnt mean I want to spend it all so I want to know how much of the £110 I have left. I also split that budget between eating out, shopping and entertainment so while custom categories would be useful, I still find the current set up very beneficial


I think one thing that’s uber important is getting a balanced number of people who either hate the summary or love it, so any design views are not biased(unbalanced)

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You can vote for the ability to split a transaction into multiple categories here:

Yes, I’m the same. perfect if ‘Flux’ progresses in itemisation in future.

Ability to easily switch between joint and personal account would be great. It’s currently very cumbersome.


100% agree with this @Daesimpso :+1:
And then if I take money out of any pot to then pay for something that the pot was saving for, then I just exclude the transaction from Summary so that it doesn’t throw everything off.


I suspect what we’re seeing here is space being freed up on the navigation bar for Marketplace-like features.

Within the space of ten or so comments we had an argument for certain buttons not being required at the bottom and additional buttons required at the bottom

Oh to be able to please everyone! :blush:

Is this design going to be exactly the same between Android and iOS? Read the OP and all the comments above, but did not see it explicitly stated

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@bruno Any idea how long it takes to get an invite? I signed up on the form a few days ago but haven’t got anything yet.

Tuesday at the earliest.


Keen to test this out! I have signed up on the link - is there anything else I need to do to test it out?

Anyone else think the card is still taking up way too much space. :man_shrugging:t2:

Also is there a screen shot of the view all option selected?


I would personally imagine not before the middle of the year for everyone

Bruno said above that they had 100 requests to try it out in the first day, and you can add yourself to that number, but that’s a really far cry from 1.8 million people :slight_smile:

I quite like the pulse graph, but then I do like graphs/visuals in general - I’d like to see it replaced with something similiar where I can easily see my previous balances…
I don’t use summary much as I get paid weekly, I’d definitely like to see more budgeting features and more category options


Not really, I use it as I’m paid monthly, so when there are still direct debits to come off it’s clear! Plus it shows me what I’ll have left minus all my monthly outgoings.

I feel quite left out and that I’m unable to use the summary to its full potential reading these comments about how others use the summary tab, I’m hoping that us weekly paid peoole will be able to utilise this same services/features with the new update

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