We're coming to the USA! ๐ŸŽ‰

Thatโ€™s fine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Iโ€™d like to know this also. I use USD a lot. Using transferwise currently. I can keep USD on my UK account with them. Do we need to have an address in the USA for Monzo? My company has a US branch there.

For now, youโ€™ll only be able to get a US account if you have a US address and US social security number.




For those that do, will they have to log out and log back in to switch between US & UK accounts? Or will the app allow both at once?

Also, can you say anything about this:


Well, I have both on my app at once right now and I can switch between them similarly to how you switch between joint accounts. I canโ€™t promise 100% this is how itโ€™ll work for non-Monzonautss with both accounts, but itโ€™d be nice. :sparkles:


Ideally you would have the option to switch like you do between your joint and personal. That would be great.
Will you need a US mobile number also?
In the UK you just need an address and sim.
Do you really need a social security number for the USA Monzo?

Hi Oliver

Is Monzo launching as a prepaid in the USA or a full current account

Sorry if this has already been answered

MasterCard debit card - not prepaid :+1:

Will we get referral for US sign-ups?

Separate forum? I assume different regulations will confuse people trying to help, also will the apps have feature parity (in general) ?

And random, but will US customer number start from 0 or will it be assigned in the same queue with the UK customer number

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I guess the solution would be a multi-currency account where we can keep $$$ in our UK app? I donโ€™t really see the point in having different accounts, am I missing something? :thinking:

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Also very interested in this possibility. Iโ€™m an expat from UK living in US and have accounts in both places with other Banks. Would also love to easily move money between accounts in UK and US.

Must admit Iโ€™m a little disappointed by this. Thereโ€™s still so much to do here with the account and thereโ€™s concerns around the COPS ability to respond to queries as it is!

Had really hoped that there would be more about Plus or Rewards.


There are more announcements coming. :grin:
I see this as a massive opportunity for Monzo, what feature are you waiting for your current account?

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I had this q also. Iโ€™ve had a UK monzo account for a few years now. I recently moved to the US with my husband and the US banking system is making it so hard for me to open my own account. Currently persevering with UK Monzo until my spousal visa and so social security comes through. Would love to be able to switch to US or open a separate US account without all the faff.

Will Monzo offer USD accounts for British customers? I have a USD account with Barclays, but itโ€™s quite difficult to manage and they charge for simple transfers.

I use Transferwise for my USD account in the UK. Very handy having the 2 borderless accounts. Exchange GBP to the USD account (and back) when the time is right (been so volatile recently) with the click of a button.

Set up Transferwise as a payee with Barclays and free transfers in seconds.

Had my UK monzo account for 18 months or so, and now live in the US so would be nice to have both.

Will there be integration with Transferwise to make it easy to transfer money between UK and US monzo accounts?

The TransferWise USD account doesnโ€™t work for me as itโ€™s not in my name.

Not sure if I follow. If you have both in your name itโ€™s a piece of cake. Barclays current account in your name and Transferwise UK in your name with a USD and GBP borderless account with them.