Monzo is launching in the USA!

We’re excited to say that we’ll be launching in the USA soon!


Amongst LOADS of other articles - Monzo are launching in the USA :us:

What are everyone’s thoughts?

Look to be partnering with Sutton Bank as well!

Won’t be lending (due to licencing by the looks of it)


Just back from the USA and plenty of people commented on the Hot Coral card… so this’ll be interesting to see the take up.

Posted this in a different thread but probably more relevant here so it doesn’t get missed:

Which bank are you partnering with?

Sutton Bank looks like it from articles I’ve just read

No Pay in the US, so expect the forum to once again pollute with requests for everyone’s favourite meme feature at some point. :wink:

Exciting news for the team though!

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Bit more detail on here about Sutton Bank



It’s incredibly hard to justify Monzo expanding to the US when so much about the services and features in the UK is half baked at best.

The move was inevitable but this really isn’t the best time IMO.


The transaction list image has very weird dates they don’t make sense (and have a 7 month gap in usage!)

Talking about the image on the page

Edit: Nevermind, Ah looks fixed now.

I’ve already made my first American referral :joy:

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Will be interesting to see how many they on-board initially (considering only face to face to start off with).

Also where they plan to target - guessing it’ll be mainly cities, possibly mainly west-coast?

Around 2,000 people, spread out between the East and West coast. Here’s a extract from the Forbes article:

Starting Thursday about two thousand consumers in the U.S. will be able to get their hands on the debit card by attending events in major cities throughout the country, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City.

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Yeah, much better to wait until someone else has done it and it’s too late…

Pretty much everything about Amazon is still half-baked more than 20 years on.


You mean like Revolut, who already did it?

I would argue expanding with a more rounded and complete experience would be beneficial to beating the competition in a new market.

They couldn’t wait any longer, the competition is growing and it going to be impossible to get everything right.
They can expand, create a second team and work of both markets at the same time. Launching in the US doesn’t mean less improvement for us. Also, with the crazy high charges in the US they might be able to get to a profitable stage much quicker too.


Can you use the English code to make referrals? :joy:

Nah nah I mean I gave them the link to the waiting list haha :upside_down_face:

I think it’s impossible to suggest that this won’t divert some element of focus off improving half baked features.

It also doesn’t exist in a bubble, nothing really majorly new or beneficial has been added or enhanced for a long time, especially for Joint Account holders, and standards have been dropping (Monzo Plus generated negative press over both cost and card quality, customer service is in decline etc)

Meanwhile Monzo’s top dogs have their eyes on American dollars and it makes it difficult to see if and when it will all actually get fully baked here in the UK.