Monzo (seems to) have launched business accounts

It seems like Monzo has launched business accounts. By which I mean the press are reporting it!

Let’s talk about that here until we have formal word from Monzo.

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EDIT: Now it has


Also here:

And here:


Currently, in the Business account section shows I am “Monzo Business Pro” no option to downgrade either to “Monzo Business Lite” :wink:

Images to be added soon

to Monzo Business amateur ? :slight_smile:

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Edited for you :wink:

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woohoo! I’m a pro :rofl:


I’m seeing it on , so looks like its been launched

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And you get web access! :tada:

Keen to see what it looks like! :eyes:

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How do I access that :rofl:

Presumably they’ll tell you later. It’s not showing as soon

Queue - why can’t they just simply port this for personal accounts? - comments in 3…2…

Not a lot you can do with it to be fair

Does it save a list of payees once you’ve paid them?

You again get sent a magic link and can only open on the device you want if you have installed a mail client and that email address to the device.

Need to allow password option and magic link :wink:

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Yes, it’s shows me 2 but I have not sent any funds from the account yet only received, and shows me the 2 senders.

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My account switch isn’t until tomorrow so I won’t know until I start using it properly

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Very surprised that Monzo have not made an announcement, or even a blog post on their blog. Not even a Tweet has happened!

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At last, they have acknowledged them!